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  • Jack Welch And Transformational Leadership

    Jack Welch And Transformational Leadership

    Introduction In 1981, 45-year-old Jack Welch became the eighth and youngest CEO in General Electric’s history. During his 20 years at the helm, Welch transformed the company from an aging industrial manufacturer into one of the world’s most competitive organisations, by building more shareholder wealth than any corporate chief in

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  • Jaguar Plc, 1984

    Jaguar Plc, 1984

    Executive Summary: Jaguar PLC, 1984 This case explores the operating exposure of Jaguar PLC in 1984, just as the government is about to relinquish control and take the company public via an IPO. The primary concern of the CFO is that Jaguar sells over 50% of its cars in the

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  • Jamaica's Intellectual Property Office

    Jamaica's Intellectual Property Office

    Clearly outline the role and function of JIPO and evaluate the extent to which the passing of the Copyright Act (1993) have impacted Jamaican music business culture, practices and law. The term Copyright, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, can be defined as the legal right granted to an author,

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  • James Kouzes

    James Kouzes

    Jim Kouzes is chairman emeritus of tompeters!company, a professional services firm that specializes in developing leaders at all levels. He's also an executive fellow in the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, and a member of the School's adjunct faculty. Jim is the co-author

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  • Jansen Stem Cell Business Case Study

    Jansen Stem Cell Business Case Study

    Question 4: How is Jansen handling these risks? For Sydney IVF: 1. Jansen has hired Cynthia Roberts, who is the chief risk officer and oversees safeguards throughout the company. Cynthia is also the chief scientific officer of the company. But resumed the role of chief risk officer in 2007 February.

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  • Janus Overseas Fund

    Janus Overseas Fund

    Janus Overseas Fund Is your portfolio missing the international exposure that it needs? Do you feel that the return on your portfolio isn't as high as it should be? The Janus Overseas fund is worth checking into. I have personally chosen the Janus Overseas Fund to invest for my retirement.

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  • Japan

    Japan Regulators: Japan local knowledge global solutions This factsheet describes the key features of financial regulations in Japan Introduction The FSA is also responsible for ensuring the solvency of individual financial institutions. The FSA has legal authority over all financial institutions, including foreign banks operating in Japan. The FSA's inspection

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  • Japan


    With more than 190,000 bars and restaurants in Tokyo, it is plain to see that the Japanese include wining and dining as a major part of their lifestyle.* With so many eateries flourishing in the Tokyo area, the idea to establish our restaurant is an encouraging one. The rapid

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  • Japan


    Japan's Article IX of the Peace Constitution: Its Evolution and impact, The end of World War II came about by Japan surrendering unconditionally to the Allied Forces. Japan knew that this would mean the end of their constitutional monarchy and a possible occupation of a foreign army. What they could

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  • Japan


    The Mitsui Group keiretsu of course had its origins in the Mitsui zaibatsu, but this archetypical political-financial firm did not pass through the transition of Japanese defeat in World War II with its power and prestige intact. There was considerable loss of power and influence. In particular the Mitsui Bank

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  • Japan Analysis

    Japan Analysis

    Business Ethics 2 Business ethics is certain behavior that a business follows when dealing with people in the business world. Many businesses have made a bad reputation for themselves because they are only interested in making money, an example of this would be the Enron case. Many of today’s top

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  • Japan Market Assesment

    Japan Market Assesment

    Part I Basic national demographics: Japan has a population of 127,463,611 people. The country's majority age structure is from 15-64 years of age. This age block makes up roughly 65% of the population. The death rate and birth rate is almost exactly the same, with a population growth of only

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  • Japan Technology

    Japan Technology

    "Success is never a destination - it is a journey" (Satenig St. Marie) and there is a company that understands that journey. Kodak has been around for many years providing families around the world with innovative and high quality products. Many homes worldwide recognize and associate film with the Kodak

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  • Japanese Economy Overview

    Japanese Economy Overview

    ECONOMY Throughout modern industrial history, Japan has been recognised as an economic powerhouse. In 1990 its GNP per capita was recorded at AU$32,521.74, the most of any industrialised nation. As of 2014, it boasts the world’s fourth largest economy; amassing a total of AUD$6.26 trillion, ( Unemployment is also a

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  • Japanese Financial Restructuring

    Japanese Financial Restructuring

    While recognizing Japan and China are at far different economic stages, the Japanese financial sector reform in the late 1990 may tell us some issues and concerns applicable to Chinese case. In 1996, Japanese government decided to drastically deregulate the financial market to accelerate financial reforms. Until the deregulation called

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  • Japanese Keiretsu

    Japanese Keiretsu

    Introduction: This assignment will present the Japanese business network structure. It will contain an explanation of the inter- corporate relationships known as the ÐŽ§keiretsuЎЁ system. I will explain the main strength and weaknesses this system bears and the contribution of this system to the rapid growth of Japans economy after

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  • Japanese Restaurant

    Japanese Restaurant

    Hanami Japanese restaurant is the best sushi restaurant in town. This restaurant is located at the Campus Village Shopping Center, in front of the building “University View”. The address is 8145-M Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740. Open seven days a week, Hanami Japanese restaurant is small but lovely and

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  • Japanese Subcontracting System

    Japanese Subcontracting System

    In the Japanese economy, it seems that there are many large industrial firms. However, the actual work of those firms is carried out by small and medium subcontractors. Therefore, if the contractors have any problems within the market, they can pass that to their subsidiaries. Subcontracting has always been important

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  • Japanese Work Ethics Vs American Ethics

    Japanese Work Ethics Vs American Ethics

    "For an American to consider the Japanese from any viewpoint for any reason, it is important for us to remember that they are products of a unique civilization, that their standards and values are the results of several thousand years of powerful religious and metaphysical conditioning that were entirely

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  • Jcpenney Company Problems

    Jcpenney Company Problems

    J. C. Penney is a chain of American mid-range department stores based in Plano, Texas. The company operates 1,060 department stores in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, and previously operated a catalog business and several discount outlets. However, J. C. Penney were listed as one of the nine retailers

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  • Jcpenney.Com Research

    Jcpenney.Com Research

    I chose to research the website of the department store JCPenney, which has a very strong web presence and an efficient web site. 1) Overview:- a) A few of JCPenney's major competitors are Kohls, Sears, Wal-Mart, Target, Marshall Fields, Carson Pirie Scott, etc. They all follow the Reactive and

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  • Jeans Therapy вЂ" Levi’S Factory Workers Are Assigned To Teams, And Morale Takes A Hit.

    Jeans Therapy вЂ" Levi’S Factory Workers Are Assigned To Teams, And Morale Takes A Hit.

    1. What went wrong with Levi’s move to teams in their plants? Levi’s was too late in attending global competition. To catch the market, they had to drastically redesign their strategy. But the major problem of Levi’s was doing nothing to understand the human side of management change. Levi’s did

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  • Jeffries Hardwood Flooring

    Jeffries Hardwood Flooring

    Can the current manufacturing operation produce 5000 sqft (or 2500, 4ЎЇx 5-3/4ÐŽ± boards) of tri laminating Flooring per month? Why or why not? Assumption: 8 Working Hours per Day, 5 Working Days per Month Terms Used: Boards = (4 feet by 5-3/4 inch) Min = Minute Ft = Feet CP

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  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Recall Crisis

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Recall Crisis

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a regional ice cream maker based in Columbus OH (Jenis, Jenis About, 2015). In April 2015, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has issued a voluntary recall of all products due to the possible presence of Listeria. Listeria was first found in a pint of Jeni’s dark

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  • Jensen Shoes

    Jensen Shoes

    SUMMARY: Jensen Shoes, is a well established (1943) footwear marketing company, with a reputation for employee welfare. The company has enjoyed a highly profitable position for many years but due to static sales growth in the casual wear division, executive management decided to develop a major marketing strategy over the

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  • Jet 24

    Jet 24

    Jet 24, a fruit-flavored concentrate that could be spray into a glass of water to produce a fruit-flavored beverage, was a new product concept for General Mills, Inc. The reason for calling the product concept Jet 24 was because the pressurized can product can contain enough concentrate to provide

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  • Jet Blue

    Jet Blue

    1)How has Jet Blue become the infamous Jet Blue? It all started with the right team and the right goal. During a time where Airlines were losing money and going bankrupt a small airlines rose and basically took over the market. The plan was to create a comfortable and cost

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  • Jet Blue

    Jet Blue

    Executive Summary "The challenges and skeptics were many. Critics scoffed at our dream of creating a successful low-fare airline based in New York City. They said we'd never find quality employees, that no one would want to fly domestically from JFK, and that we'd never be able to offer both

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  • Jet Blue Airways

    Jet Blue Airways

    Introduction I have done some research on JetBlue Airways Company. After gathering the information I studied the information and have explained what I feel is the problem facing this company. I also have explained what my recommendations for them are. Included in this paper is how to balance between commitment

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  • Jet Blue Case Analsis

    Jet Blue Case Analsis

    Jet Blue Business Analysis Introduction JetBlue Airways Corporation has established itself as a low-fare passenger airline with a differentiated product and a high-quality customer service. They focus on serving underserved markets and large metropolitan areas that have high average fares. They offer both short-haul and long-haul routes that are point-to-point

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