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Huffman Trucking And Constitutional Rights

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In case of Huffman Trucking two constitutional rights could have an impact on an employee and the company. Freedom to peaceful assembly and a right to a speedy trial are two problems that may affect the company and employee dramatically. There has already been issues that have arisen that may escalate into larger problems in the future.

According to several occasions employees have complained about the use of casual drivers. The current process is that Huffman Trucking often hires casual workers who are not Union Members when full-time drivers are not available. Several drivers have complained that the company should have waited 12 hours. If the complaints continue there could be a strike that occurs. When a strike occurs the company may need to employ security and or police officers. In the past with the employment of these outside forces, clashes have occurred and the striking workers had to be forced away from the property. The employees will argue their right to freedom of assembly was violated.

This situation will affect both employee and Hoffman Trucking. The lack of drivers will cost the company excessive amounts of money. Hoffman Trucking plans to grow by 12% in revenue within the next three to five. This will definitely slow down the plan with the lack of drivers. The negative publicity may also cause current clients or future clients to not use our services. If this does occur, the future growth and expansion of the company may be hindered which may cause future layoffs.

Another issue that is under discussion is that managers are currently complaining about the length of the grievance period. Current timeline to review a grievance is several months. Current pending grievances that have taken months the employee may say that their right to a speedy trial has been violated. Due to the long time it takes the Management is effected since they are unable to remove an employee who is filing a grievance. This produces



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