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New Product An Dmarketing Mix

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The marketing mix

Generally speaking, the SaniSpray is a convenience consumer product. It needs to be priced affordably, it needs to have a widely spread distribution in convenient locations and it needs mass promotion, while still targeting more specific segments of the Canadian population.


SaniSpray is entering the market not only to sanitize hard surfaces such as toilet seats, but also to deliver memorable customer experiences. In order to do so, it is interesting to look at the three-level of product theory.

The first thing Cristal Clear Inc. focuses on is the core benefit of SaniSpray: it is evidently to solve the widely spread sanitation problem in public restrooms. It seems the problem is more oriented toward the women in Canada, hence the reason why the product targets this segment of the Canadian population.

As for the actual product, here is a detailed description of not only the content of SaniSpray but also the brand name explanation, the packaging, the features, the quality level and the design.

§ The brand name SaniSpray was developed by the firm because, first of all it suggests the benefit of it: sanitation. It is short and concise to catch attention and to be remembered by our potential customers. The main goal for Cristal Clear Inc. is evidently to have top of the mine awareness within a few years after the launch of SaniSpray. At the same time, since this is the first product launched by the firm specialized in housecleaning products, it is important to choose a brand name that might be used for future extension toward similar products. Finally, since the product targets Canada as a whole, it is important that French speaking Canadians are able to pronounce this brand name. It is evident in the case that the pronunciation is similar both in French and English.

§ The design of the product is quite complex as for the ingredients used and the laboratory research done, but basically, the main active ingredient of the SaniSpray is Ethanol Anhydrous at around 60% concentration per weight. Anhydrous, meaning "without water", is indispensable since mixing ethanol with water increases the flammability of the product. Ethanol is the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, hence it is easy and affordable to produce the compound. It is the type of alcohol used in hand sanitizer gels and antiseptics because it kills organisms by denaturing their proteins and dissolving their lipids. It is effective against a wide variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Design goes beyond the content of SaniSpray: it also has to do with the design of the actual container. A cylinder-shaped container fitting well in the palm of your hand is definitely ergonomically friendly. It should contain 1 fl. Oz of liquid, which is still a small container but at the same time is big enough to contain liquid for many usages. The can should be made of aluminum (Al), because this element has a high resistance and durability but also has a great weight-to-resistance ratio. In other words, it is light while being very resistant. Finally, because Cristal Clear Inc. is an environmentally friendly firm, it is important to use a material that is recyclable. The last design aspect has to do with the color of the can. Designing a product line of 4 colors makes sense for SaniSpray in order to attract a wider range of women between the ages of 16 and 40 years-old. First of all, a white can should be put on the market for the older slice of the segmented market. White is also synonym of purity and cleanness which matches very well with the core benefit of our product. To attract the younger part of our segmented market, SaniSpray will come in 3 vibrant colors:

-purple, because that color is linked to magic, hence involving the fact that bacteria killing happens magically;

-green, because it symbolizes life, hence reminding the customers that a sanitized environment is more proper to a longer life;

-and red, because it symbolizes action and actions need to be taken to get rid of bacteria and germs.

§ SaniSpray will have many features to enhance the customers' experience and help the firm delight them. First of all, there will be a plastic safety cap in order to avoid any spilling in handbags or any other devices. The spray will be continuous in order to make the application process faster and eliminate waiting time in between jets. Finally,



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