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Hst810 Individual Case Study 2- Proposing a Data Gathering Strategy at Tlg Solutions Submission

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Essay Preview: Hst810 Individual Case Study 2- Proposing a Data Gathering Strategy at Tlg Solutions Submission

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Ayo Fayose / HST 810 / Individual case study 2- Proposing a data gathering strategy at TLG Solutions submission

The goal is, the client wants an effective centralized training system for all regions that is controlled and administered by him and his team

Productivity of people and resources. The goal is to be able to provide all of the training resources the sales team and technician need to remain productive as possible in all regions, maintain a healthy cash flow, keep customers happy especially loyal customers and stay ahead of the competition. In addition, the client wants his teams’ effort to be appreciated and as we can see in the case, regions are pitted against one another to be recognized as the best. The inducement to get ahead is strong within the regions, another goal of the client is to ensure competence and hard work of his team is not comprised in any way or form.

The present problems includes:  Keeping up with the market, Planning ahead, financial management, The right systems, Customers’ satisfaction, Skills and attitudes, Problem solving, Ongoing training, Welcoming change and Communication. The Underlying problems are the ones highlighted in red. Communication is of the most important underlying problem I see present as well problem solving, customer satisfaction and budgeting.


Interpretation or reason for problem

Data needed

Best- Suited Method

spending too much on training with no viable improvements  

No clear strategy for the training. Training is not focusing on personal development and is not custom-made for different regions also, not made for different stages. For example, a new recruit will need a different training compared to an experienced staff.

Plan first, train later. For training to be effective, Michelle needs to first have a clear strategy and execution plan in place that is tailored specifically to the different regions and not a one for all plan. Ask employees and managers from different regions about their experience with their market and what they feel should be incorporated in the training module

Questionnaires, Direct communication

New and existing Customers no longer satisfied with services.

The urgency in the focus on expansion and trying different things at once is hindering the firm from meeting or exceeding customer’s satisfaction like before

Ask customer about their recent experience in an ongoing fashion


Survey questions

Sales people are not in tune with the knowledge of different products and lack problem solving skills when faced with complex situations

TLG isn’t training employees in the skills most critical to the development of the firm. Training Module isn’t effective enough to provide adequate technical know-how on most of the products and services

Ask employees about their training experience, ask what they like and don’t like about it.  

Group interviews,

Misaligned employees and management goals  

Effective communication is lacking here and as a result, different part of the firm are doing whatever they want and it’s demoralizing the company’s values.

Gather complaints, concerns and interests from the top management, each region and the central team

Surveys and feedbacks

Hello Michelle,

Based on our previous meeting, I have developed some methods to gather data and what type of data each method will collect. Based on the issues outlined above, I believe the best- suited methods for gathering information includes: Questionnaires, Surveys, group interviews and feedbacks.

Questionnaires will be loaded with various questions tailored specifically to each region and to different level of employees. The questions will be aimed at getting ideas and inputs across different employees and region to help design an effective training module. Questions includes:

  • Which division/region do you work in?
  • How long have worked at TLG How long have worked at TLG
  • What are the top issues you face currently?

Surveys will be aimed primarily at customers experience and complaints and concerns. Questions will include:

  • On a scale 1 – 10, how do you enjoy our service
  • What would you want us to improve on
  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how much would you increase your business with u

Interviews and feedbacks will geared towards the employees to determine the weaker links in the communication chain and also to determine the strengths and weakness of the training module. Also, to identify redundancy and areas to focus more on and how TLG can increase self-development with their training module.



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