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  • An Importat Person

    An Importat Person

    Throughout my life I have met many influential people, for example my mom, my grandpa, aunts, uncle and others but the most influential is my dad, Dr. Omar Gonzalez. He is a well accredited orthopedic surgeon; known as the best surgeon in his team. My dad taught me how to

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  • An Interconnected World

    An Interconnected World

    Aanik Lohani Professor Wahutu Globalization & Social Justice 1112 2//17 An Interconnected World The development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets(Merriam-Webster, 2017) The basic definition of the word globalization is afterthought. It has

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  • An Introdution To A Poet: Billy Collins

    An Introdution To A Poet: Billy Collins

    An Introduction to a Poet: Billy Collins Billy Collins is one of the most credited poets of this century and last. He is a man of many talents, most recognized though by his provocative and riveting poetry. As John McEnroe was to the sport of tennis, Billy Collins has done

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  • Ana Nzinga: Queen Of Ndongo

    Ana Nzinga: Queen Of Ndongo

    Ana Nzinga: Queen of Ndongo Through the European power struggle for control of the African slave trade, the Portuguese colonized parts of Africa including the area of modern day Angola. The Dutch established an axis to operate their slave trade to Brazil for almost 300 years in Luanda ("Luanda", par.

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  • Anabelle


    This is the story of a beautiful English woman, during the Victorian times, who's passions had more control than reason over her and which eventually led her down a path from which there is no turning back, ever. Chapter one The sailing vessel finally made it to the pier of

    Words: 6,801  •  Pages: 28
  • Analysis of Medical Claims

    Analysis of Medical Claims

    A.J. Lennon 11-5-12 English 1100/43 Ms. Thompson Analysis of Medical Claims When Henrietta Lacks went to the hospital she was taken advantage of, which got me wondering if such things happen today. I believed it could still occur today, but am very unsure. As I did my research I discovered

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  • Analysis on the Leadership of Jeff Bezos

    Analysis on the Leadership of Jeff Bezos

    Leadership Analysis on Jeff Bezos Leadership Analysis on Jeff Bezos Xavier Xu Dr. Shanetta Robinson-Minton Pepperdine University Leadership Analysis on Jeff Bezos Leadership is a complex concept for which a determined definition may long be flux, the definition of it was first introduced in early 20th century, focusing on control

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  • Andrea Yates

    Andrea Yates

    St.Claire Patterson Professor Murphy English 101 How does a perfectly normal woman, living in a typical suburban neighborhood wind up in jail on charges of murdering her five children? On June20, 2001, Rusty Yates receives a call from his wife Andrea to return home from work. He learns that his

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  • Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie

    BIOGRAPHY OF ANDREW CARNEGIE By: Kevin Taylor Andrew Carnegie was an American industrialist but was native to Scotland. Born in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland, on November 15, 1835 Andrew was the first son of son of William and Margaret Carnegie. Young Andrew's family was very political; father William was the local

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  • Andrew Carnigie

    Andrew Carnigie

    Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American business industrialist and owner of the Carnegie Steel Company in Pittsburgh. He was among the most famous and wealthy industrialists of his day. Through the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the innovative philanthropic foundation he established in 1911, his fortune has since supported

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  • Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol

    As a profound influence on the twentieth century pop art movement, Andy Warhol ascended to become a cornerstone in the modern art world. After taking cues from society in the mid-twentieth century, as well as conversing with Muriel Latow, Warhol did what many artists strived to do but failed. Andy

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  • Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie: A mother to All She was born Angelina Jolie Voight in Los Angeles, on June 4th, 1975 - her name meaning Pretty Little Angel. Her parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, divorced when she was one year old. Therefore, she lived with her mother on the east coast.

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  • Animals


    Researchers based in the U.S. and Sweden who analyzed evolutionary change in groups of primates found the numbers of males lags behind females. The number of females in a group tends to be larger than the number of males; the more females there are the more males there will be,

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  • Ann Putnam

    Ann Putnam

    When analyzed, Ann Putnam can be represented as suspicious, distressed, and manipulative. She is seen as suspicious because she is constantly analyzing other people's actions. In The Crucible, Mrs. Putnam accuses Sarah Good of being a witch when she says, "I knew it! Goody Osburn were midwife to me three

    Words: 269  •  Pages: 2
  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank

    Part 1: June 14, 1942 - July 9, 1942: All these journal entries are written from Anne's home in Amsterdam, Holland. Anne was Jewish, she is very fun and perky, she had just turned thirteen. For her birthday her dad gave her a journal, she writes in it every day

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  • Anne Moody

    Anne Moody

    (2) Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi (1968) In the beginning I never really saw myself as a writer. I was first and foremost an activist in the civil rights movement in Mississippi. When I could no longer see that anything was being accomplished by our work there, I

    Words: 3,759  •  Pages: 16
  • Annie John

    Annie John

    Annie John is a story of a life of a young girl and her relationship with her mother. The story starts out with Annie being ten years old and has a very close bond with her mother. During the summer months her mother lets her sleep in, takes hot baths

    Words: 557  •  Pages: 3
  • Annie Leibovitz: People Are Art

    Annie Leibovitz: People Are Art

    Annie Leibovitz: People Are Art Born in Westport, Connecticut in 1949, Annie Leibovitz was one of five children born to father, Sam Leibovitz and mother, Marilyn Leibovitz. Her father was a lieutenant in the Air Force, and due to his job the family moved constantly while she was young. She

    Words: 798  •  Pages: 4
  • Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams

    Ansel Easton Adams, born in 1902 in San Francisco, USA, to Charles and Olive Adams. At the age of twelve, it was obvious that school is not the place for Ansel, the confinement imposed by the classroom and teachers, was a lot more than he could stand, you can say

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  • Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams On February 20, 1902 Ansel Easton Adams was born in San Francisco, California. He was the only child of Charles and Olive Adams. Ansel, originally trained as a classic pianist, would later abandon his first love, music, for photography. Ansel Adams became America's most talented and beloved landscape

    Words: 1,228  •  Pages: 5
  • Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams

    Ansel Easton Adams was born in San Francisco in 1902, the only child of Charles and Olive Adams. He grew up in a house overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and had a strong appreciation for beauty. By 1908 Adams was an enormously curious and gifted child, and began a precarious

    Words: 751  •  Pages: 4
  • Apartheid


    Apartheid This is an autobiographical poem. Tatamkhulu Afrika lived in Cape Town's District 6, which was then a thriving mixed race inner-city community. People of all colours and beliefs lived together peacefully, and Afrika says that he felt 'at home' there. In the 1960s, as part of its policy of

    Words: 671  •  Pages: 3
  • Aplha C Autobiography

    Aplha C Autobiography

    I don’t know of any grandparents or great grandparents that are not from America. So I will just explain what traditions we have in our family. Since we have all holidays to go I will try and sum it up some. Maybe you’ll hear some interesting different traditions that you

    Words: 652  •  Pages: 3
  • Aristotle


    Aristotle was one of the greatest scientists and philosophers that ever lived. He had an interesting life, including a famous pupil, as well as a well-known tutor. Aristotle accomplished many unusual things, such as becoming the head of his own school and writing several books. Finally, he made quite a

    Words: 729  •  Pages: 3
  • Arnold


    Introduction There was no way of knowing it at the time, but a baby boy born in Graz, Austria, was pre-destined for greatness. His father strongly encouraged him to become involved in athletics in order to develop a strong sense of determination trait that evolved into nothing short of a

    Words: 2,544  •  Pages: 11
  • Art And Poetry Lil Wayne

    Art And Poetry Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne: The Urban Poet Recently I attended a Lil Wayne concert and his music and performance captured my attention and gave me a greater appreciation for poetry. At the concert I noticed an overwhelming amount of marks on his body that did not seem to be cuts or bruises.

    Words: 981  •  Pages: 4
  • Art History

    Art History

    Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert. As he grew up he was a salesman in an art gallery, a French tutor, a theological student, and a preacher. When van Gogh went to live with his brother in Paris he was influenced by all the new

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  • Arthur Ashe

    Arthur Ashe

    Arthur Ashe was someone who was able to touch people with not only his superb tennis skills, but also his abilities off the court, like his superb speaking skills and knowledge of the world around him. He was willing to put aside his tennis in order to try to change

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  • Arthur Miller Biography

    Arthur Miller Biography

    Aleyah 10/4/2017 Arthur Miller Arthur Miller Born on October 17th, 1915- in Harlem, New York- became part of an immigrant family of Polish and Jewish descent. Arthur’s father, Isidore, had a coat manufacturing business, while his mother, Augusta, was an educationalist and was passionate about reading. Arthur had a much

    Words: 1,026  •  Pages: 5
  • As Time Goes on and the World Changes, Growth and Revolutions.

    As Time Goes on and the World Changes, Growth and Revolutions.

    James Borland EM 691 Assignment 1 As time goes on and the world changes, growth and revolutions will occur that will shape the landscape of the world. The recent development of technology in the modern age has drastically changed the world in many ways including communication, collaboration, competition, and in

    Words: 952  •  Pages: 4

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