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Anne Frank

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Part 1: June 14, 1942 - July 9, 1942:

All these journal entries are written from Anne's home in Amsterdam, Holland.

Anne was Jewish, she is very fun and perky, she had just turned thirteen. For her

birthday her dad gave her a journal, she writes in it every day and tells it everything

that happened throughout the day. She thinks of the journal as her friend so she

named it Kitty.

The first few entries give a description of her early life. She was born in Frankfurt,

Germany, her family had to move to holland to escape Hitler. Jewish people had to

follow a lot of different rules, some of these are: they have to wear a yellow star, they

are not allowed to ride bicycles, they are forbidden to drive and travel by train, they

were only allowed to shop in Jewish stores and only from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. , they

are not allowed outside after 8:00 p.m. , and they cannot visit Christians and must

go to Jewish schools. Anne just tries to make the best of these situations. Her dad

cannot work the Dutchmen took over his job so he stays home. Anne has a very close

bond with her father.

Part II: July 9, 1942 - November 9, 1942:

The family had to go into hiding on July 9, Anne's sister was being sent to work in

a concentration camp on July 16. Her father didn't

want her to go so they moved

into a building with another Jewish family, the Van Daans. Anne draws a sketch of

the building it is very small and cramped. There is a secret room for hiding. Anne

does not understand how much danger her family is in, she feels like she is on

vacation. A couple days later she realizes the danger they are in at night they cannot

make any noise. Anne does not write in her diary for a whole month, but when she

does write again she talks about the family living with them. They have a shy quiet

son that is 15, she says that Mrs. Van Daan is a very difficult woman. Living in small

place is becoming more difficult everyone is getting on each others nerves. Anne is

trying to make the best of the situation. The only person not getting on Anne's

nerves is her dad he is the peacemaker in the house. She talks about the bad things

about living in a small space and she also talks about the good things. They get very

little news from the outside of the house. The Dutch workers try to tell them as much

as they know. The Jews are being imprisoned at Westerbork, they cannot escape

and are usually murdered by gassing or being shot. This is very shocking news to the

family, Anne is scared and cries herself to sleep every night. She says that she is

thankful that she still has her diary.

Part III: November 9, 1942 - August 3, 1943

Anne and her family have been hiding for six months now. The fighting spread to

Holland there has been a lot of bombing. Another man named Dussel moved into the

house; he is a dentist. They celebrated two holidays which lightened there spirits up

a little bit. Some negative things are that they usually cannot sleep at night and there

health is failing. One good thing is that there is hope that England can rescue

Holland from the Nazis. This makes Anne feel a little bit better and she tells funny

stories that have happened in the house. Anne also had her fourteenth birthday and

gets a few little gifts. Anne has to share her room with Dussel who likes to sleep a lot

and she is getting annoyed with him. Anne gets sick of the cramped house and the

war and becomes upset and depressed. Th war is coming closer to the home and

things are getting worse, she feels likes she is losing hope. Then they got news that

the dictator of Italy fell and this gave them a little more hope.

Part IV: August 4,1943 - January 6, 1944

Anne is trying to get along better with her mother and sister. Italy surrendered,

but there are still no changes in Holland. The Dutch workers became sick and could

not tell them what was going on outside the house. Anne is really feeling hopeless

now and she starts taking pills for her depression. Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan are

fighting all the time, Anne cries herself to sleep and also has nightmares. Christmas

is coming up and they are making preparations. Things are worsening Anne gets the

flu but gets better. Anne thinks about her friend Lies she wonders if she is still alive



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