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  • Zimbabwe


    Geography and Culture in the Development of Zimbabwe The economy of Zimbabwe is in shambles. With an average inflation rate of at least 252% and an economic growth rate of -5% in recent years, the nation of Zimbabwe appears to be financially hopeless when looked at on paper. Despite this,

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  • Zinn


    Sparks of a daunting imperialistic period were galvanized in 1897 when Theodore Roosevelt wrote in a letter, " In strict confidence... I should welcome almost any way, for I think this country needs one." In 1890, the year of massacre at Wounded Knee, the Bureau of Census declared the internal

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  • Zinns Color Line

    Zinns Color Line

    Theresha Elmore 20 March 2006 History Open Response Zinn's Color Line Howard Zinn, the author of A People's History Of The United States, introduces the fact that there isn't a country in world history that racism didn't occur. How did it start? How might it end? Or is it

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  • Zomgpwn


    Preliminary Paper The Children of Macha: The main theme of this section is a discussion of myths. Kolbenschlag talks about how as people age, myths become more signifcant for what people can learn in common with each other than what the individual can learn about themselves. The example she gives

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  • Zoot Suit Riots

    Zoot Suit Riots

    Set in the environment of ethnic and racial paranoia that defined the early 1940s in Los Angeles, California, the "Zoot Suit Riots" were a defining moment for Zoot Suiters and the Mexican American community. The ethnic populations of California as a whole, and Los Angeles in particular, were under

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  • Zoot Suit Riots

    Zoot Suit Riots

    The riots began in Los Angeles, amidst a period of rising tensions between American servicemen stationed in southern California and Los Angeles' Chicano community. Many of the tensions between the Chicano community and the sailors existed because the servicemen walked through a Chicano neighborhood on the way back to their

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  • Zora Neale Hurston

    Zora Neale Hurston

    The list of words accurately describing the 30 year career of Zora Neale Hurston includes anthropologist, dramatist, essayist, folklorist, novelist, short story writer and autobiographer. The early life of Zora Neale Hurston has been shrouded in mystery with the majority of biographical accounts list the year of her birth as

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  • “what’s up Nigger?”

    “what’s up Nigger?”

    Julian Johnson February 27, 2015 Composition II Argument of Definition “What’s up nigger?” The definition, power and understanding of the word “nigger” has changed over the years leading people to ask, is “nigga” a phrase used amongst friends or a meaning of hatred and racism? Growing up I was always

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