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General George Patton

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His methods of attack, his persuasive speeches, and his decisive tactics made General Patton a vital part to United States success in wars. He showed nationalism and pride for United States. On the beginning of the video, we see his personality to war and life. Patton had a unique ability to speak using profanity in his speeches to put down the enemies and raise the morale of his country. During a normal conversation, he seemed to sprinkle four letter words into what he was saying and the listeners would hardly take notice of it. He spoke so easily and used those words in such a way that it just seemed natural for him to talk that way. His accent also shows a strong personality with the way he talked and spoke in speeches.

U.S. Army officer George Smith Patton was an outstanding practitioner of mobile tank warfare in the European and Mediterranean theatres during World War II. His strict discipline, toughness, and self-sacrifice elicited pride within his ranks. We saw many awards and medals on his uniform showing his accomplishments and successes in missions. He showed a stern image with a black whip and gloves in his hand, ready to discipline anyone who disobeys him. His personality led United States to many victories but also to his downfall. Authorities criticized his methods and this led to his removal from command of the 3rd army in October 1945. He was a natural born leader and it was because of his contributions that the cold war finally ended.



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