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The Road To Revolution

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The Road To Revolution

There were major advantages and disadvantages in the American Revolutionary War. The colonists knew the American land and they knew where to run and where to hide. However, the British were new to this land and they encountered many problems along the way. The British also had problems outside of America, Ireland was angry with them, France wanted to get back at them, and so they were stuck I guess you could say. There was no William Pitt (the "organizer of victory") or any type of good leader in the British army. The only leader they had was the immovable George III. Britain's army in America had to operate under endless difficulties. They had second rate generals and the soldiers were brutally treated. The redcoats had to conquer the Americans even though they were operating about three thousand miles away from its home base. America's geographical expanse was 1,000 by 600 miles, this meant that by the time the redcoats got to 150 colonists, 60,000 American babies would be born. The American revolutionists had great leaders like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. They also had young men volunteering to fight for them in the war, one of the most famous ones was Marquis de Lafayette (who played an important role in the American revolution). But it was too good to be true, the Americans had problems too and the main one was that the colonies did not have unity. The colonies thought of themselves as each one their own country. The Americans didn't come organized, even the Continental Congress didn't agree together (they were the ones who organized everything). Jealousy had a big impact on the colonies because they thought of themselves as each their own country and they couldn't decide on anything that worked for all of them. The colonies also had economic problems which led people into debt. Basic military supplies were also



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