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Bill Of Rights

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The bill of rights helped shape the way America is today. The bill of rights was the first ten amendments to the constitution, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers they were added and we were given the rights we have today.

The first amendment to the constitution is one of the most important amendments to the constitution. The first part of the constitution has to do with the freedom of religion. This freedom is greatly argued and constantly debated by many people I the untied states. My family is a great supporter of this right; we are very religious and hold great beliefs in this religion. I could never imagine my family changing it's religion to a set religion or anyone else for that matter, it's a right that every day is never taken for granted. The second part of this amendment is the freedom of speech which is a much debated part of the constitution. This includes the right of explicit lyrics in artist's songs and also includes the right to say almost anything you want in public. I would feel deprived if I never had the right to say whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Some of the greatest people would have never given some of the greatest speeches if it wasn't for the freedom of speech. The freedom of press is the third part of the first amendment; also it is one freedom that is good and also very bad. The good part is the fact people need news and need to know whats going on in the world but, the bad news is that some news can ruin people's lives. Just like it ruined so many people's lives by false accusations, for example, when someone is falsely accused of rapping someone else and their names are published in the paper, now the entire world thinks this person rapped the victim but that never happened. Even though that they might not be guilty nobody could ever look at them ever again because of the fact that people know that this person was accused and that will forever change the way this person is seen in the public eye. So the freedom of speech can be good and can also be very bad. The fourth and final part of the first amendment is the freedom of assembly. This freedom is greatly abused when the gathering take a violent tone. Many people can protest but also have to take certain precautions to make sure that the gathering stay peaceful, otherwise this freedom is amazing. The first amendment gives us the rights that are greatly debated but are also most commonly used.

The second amendment is the one amendment to the



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