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Last update: May 14, 2015
  • Repeatitious History - Accusations of Witches in the 1960’s and Communist in the 1950

    Repeatitious History - Accusations of Witches in the 1960’s and Communist in the 1950

    Repetitious History Accusations of witches in the 1960’s and Communist in the 1950’s demonstrates the fear of an unknown threat of destruction to society. Salem Witch Trials began in 1692, when several town girls began having unexplainable convulsions and illnesses. They accused women, children, and men with different status within the community. Salem went on a feverish hunt to dispel those accused claiming they were workers of the Devil. The Red Scare started in American

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    Submitted: January 13, 2016
  • Ap Us History

    Ap Us History

    Reconstructing A Nation Part 1: Using your text, prezi, primary documents, and internet sources complete the following chart. Fill in All empty boxes. Answer using complete sentences. Topic Summarize Topic Is the Impact (positive or negative) Social, Economic, or Political? Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan Southern states could rejoin if 10% pledge an oath of allegiance to the US It was a positive political impact Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan Southern states could join and people could have their

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    Submitted: January 14, 2016
  • My History - Personal Essay

    My History - Personal Essay

    Tala 8M Aaahhhh, it feels so good to be back as obsidian once again. It sure has been a long time, I was obsidian, then black sand then sandstone and then quartzite and now, obsidian at last. I will go into more detail on that later on but I should probably tell you more about my history. I’m pretty sure this life will be much more different that the last, as I am not in

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    Submitted: January 31, 2016
  • American Involvement in the Philippines

    American Involvement in the Philippines

    American Involvement in the Philippines Background Before 1898, the Philippines belonged to Spain, but after the Spanish American War, the Spanish ceded the islands to the United States through the Treaty of Paris, which had ended the war. However, before the U.S could ratify the treaty, a fight broke out between a group of Filipino nationalists led by Emilio Aguinaldo and American forces, starting the Philippine American War. Article The United States acquired the Philippines

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    Submitted: February 17, 2016
  • History


    Rÿser, R., Korn, L., & Berridge, C. W. (2014). American indian caregiver’s policy: A case study. Fourth World Journal, 13(1), 107-138. URL=HTTP:// direct[a]=trub&db=a9h&AN=97244619& In this article we selected individual family members and individuals employed through county and tribal programs provide care and support to elders. Perhaps the most important element in the change of support and assistance for elder is the person providing the care and who are at major risk due to stress, traumatic

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    Submitted: February 20, 2016
  • Ge History, Development and Growth

    Ge History, Development and Growth

    History, Development and Growth General Electric or otherwise known as GE was formed in the year 1892, through the merger of the Edison General Electric Company (EGEC) which is founded by Thomas Edison in the year 1878, and the Thomas- Houston Electric Company (TEC), into one of today’s largest energy- providing companies. Through the years, electric technology has evolved, and so as GE. GE, through the years of its continuing and prospering existence, was able

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    Submitted: February 22, 2016
  • Aristocrat Restaurant Philippines

    Aristocrat Restaurant Philippines

    ARISTOCRAT The Company • A Filipino-owned family corporation. • Founded by the late Doña Engracia Cruz-Reyes “Aling Asiang” and her husband, Justine Alex Reyes in 1936. • Has inspired the growth and development of the restaurant industry in the Philippines. Current Marketing Problem - PPT 3 Pillars of Market Driving Strategies • WWAN- Mediocre brand • HTGT- Brand awareness • WWWTB- Consumers’ top of mind BIDA Check Up • Barriers- no staff assigned to welcome

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    Submitted: March 8, 2016
  • Modern History of Turkey

    Modern History of Turkey

    HIST202 Final çalışma soruları Birinci Kısım: Alparslan Türkeş, MGK, Dev-Genç, Milli Nizam Partisi, Kontrgerilla, Milliyetçi Cephe, Talat Aydemir, Türkiye İşçi Partisi, 24 Ocak Kararları, YÖK, DİSK, Saraçhane İşçi Mitingi, Maraş Katliamı, OYAK, Turgut Özal, TÜSİAD, Sivas Katliamı, Tansu Çiller, Susurluk Kazası Alparslan Türkeş: (1917-1997) Kıbrısta doğdu. Kara Harp okulunu bitirdi. 2. Dünya Savaşı sırasında pan-Türkçü ve Alman yanlısı propaganda yaptı. 1944te tutuklandı ama bir sure sonar serbest bırakıldı. 1948de Harp Akademisini bitirdi. Genelkurmay ve NATO

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    Submitted: March 21, 2016
  • The History of the Holocaust

    The History of the Holocaust

    The word Holocaust sounds familiar to all of us, but do we know the real meaning? Holocaust comes from the Greek words “holos”(whole) “kaustos”(burned). When we hear the word “Holocaust” it brings tragic thoughts to our mind, from what we have learned or if you’re a Holocaust survivor it’s what you have experienced. The History of the Holocaust: The Holocaust began in 1933,after a defeat in World War I, Germany was humiliated by the

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    Submitted: March 21, 2016
  • History of Lim Goh Tong

    History of Lim Goh Tong

    MGMT 351- Responsible Leadership Research on Lim Goh Tong Chiew Heng Jun 4550249 Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong ( 28 february 1918 - 23 october 2007 ) was well known for his vision and courage in developing an unexplored hilltop into the world class casino resorts- Genting Highlands. ( Genting Group, 2015 ) In the early years, Lim Goh Tong went through all kind of hardship. He was born in Fujian, China and

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    Submitted: April 1, 2016
  • Dbq for Ap Us History: Entry into Wwi

    Dbq for Ap Us History: Entry into Wwi

    DBQ: US Entry into WW1 American Politics had drastically shifted going into the twentieth century. Chiefly, matters dealing with domestic issues had been handled in whatever slow and trampled way they could. From the progressive trustbusting to foreign affairs, it was plain to see some alterations had taken place. American business, although still fraught with corruption, had taken off. Aside from numerous labor strikes, American sentiment was relatively high. America began their interest in WW1

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    Submitted: April 11, 2016
  • McDonald’s Corporation History

    McDonald’s Corporation History

    COMPANY OVERVIEW McDonald’s Corporation History The world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. Headquartered in the United States, the company began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1948. They reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955. He subsequently purchased the chain from

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    Submitted: April 24, 2016
  • History of Bop

    History of Bop

    Courtney Rogers 11416249 History of Bop The first thing that come to my head when the word “bop” comes up is the popular band Kidz Bop. Although kids bop has no correlation to jazz music, it encompasses the same ideal, making music more interesting. As popular bandleader Ray Conniff said, "If you believe in your art & you love what you do, that energy will go out & people will respond." Music was erupting in

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    Submitted: April 29, 2016
  • Latin American History Crash Course

    Latin American History Crash Course

    Crash Course Quiz #1 1. The three institution controlled were the Spanish crown, the church, and patriarchy. The Spanish crown collected taxes on everything called the royal fifth. The church influenced people’s everyday lives. Patriarchy which made men in power and women are largely excluded from it. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was a 16-year-old girl who wrote poetry and books. She disguised herself as a boy that way she attends the university. However,

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    Submitted: May 15, 2016
  • The Ways in Which History Has Changed

    The Ways in Which History Has Changed

    The development of agriculture dramatically impacted gender roles. In hunter-gatherer societies, women had the important jobs of gathering food, and taking care of the children and the house. As agricultural villages developed, the role of gardening and farming turned into a man’s job, leaving the women to care for the children and the house. Now that families had settled down, women could have more children. The status of women decreased in this transition because they

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    Submitted: May 28, 2016
  • South Africa History

    South Africa History

    Question 4 Both texts, Nadine Gordimer’s July’s People and District 9 might be depicted as “unpleasant imaginary worlds”. July’s People portray the author’s judgement that the future consequences of Apartheid were not being taken into account. District 9, meanwhile, has this special feature of being a kind of documentary, or better to say, mockumentary, where Blomkamp shows a sci-fi Johannesburg that is having a sort of test period after realizing that District 9 is not

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    Submitted: June 3, 2016
  • The History and Impact of Photography

    The History and Impact of Photography

    SURNAME Rachel Hullender Kyle Hays English 24 March 2016 The History and Impact of Photography It's next to impossible to imagine a technology that impacted the twentieth century more than photography. The airplanes, nuclear power, automobiles were more prominent than photography, yet on a day-to-day term, photography was the most spread out. Photography is an art form that was developed in the 1830s but was publicly recognized a decade later. Before being considered an art

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    Submitted: July 24, 2016
  • Islam History

    Islam History

    Spread of Islam: Muhammad kicked from Mecca → 622 (hijra..pilgrimage), conquers Mecca, Kaaba (630), Five Pillars, Mansa Musa (Mali, goes to Mecca, brings Islamic learning to Mali), Ibn Battuta (hijra), universalizing religion like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam in North Africa, Dar al Islam (house of islam, spread of islam, by 711 Islam spread into India, Umayyad Dynasty: Territorial expansion, Dar al Islam, capital at Damascus, Arabic language, caliphates on non muslims (jizya) Charles Martel: stops

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    Submitted: September 5, 2016
  • The New History Wars

    The New History Wars

    Diagnostic Essay: The new history wars The history wars are an ongoing public debate over the interpretation of the history.Multiple people think history is not being taught like it should be. Studying history allow us to understand everything that happened in the past and expand our knowledge. In this article the author talks about how history teachers don't teach the important facts of history and emphasize the negative aspects of the nation's history. However learning

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    Submitted: September 21, 2016
  • The Lego Group History

    The Lego Group History

    Lego is a line of plastic building blocks that are manufactured by The Lego Group. The company's main product, Lego, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and a wide array of other parts, including gears, figurines and even programmable computer bricks. Lego pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct objects; vehicles, buildings, and working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects.

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    Submitted: September 29, 2016
  • History of Native American

    History of Native American

    The document I select to annotate on is ‘An Appeal to the Women of the Nominally Free States’ written by Angelina Grimke in 1837. This article was written to assert women’s right to fight for the emancipation of slaves oppressed in the free states and it also emphasised on the importance of equal rights for women to put their thoughts and beliefs into actions politically, domestically or socially. The article was directed to the Women

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    Submitted: October 3, 2016
  • The History of Drafting and the Equipment of the Craft

    The History of Drafting and the Equipment of the Craft

    The History of drafting equipment The History of Drafting and the Equipment of the Craft Jon M. Weinschrott CONT 106 Construction Blueprint Reading ________________ Abstract [The abstract should be one paragraph of between 150 and 250 words. It is not indented. Section titles, such as the word Abstract above, are not considered headings so they don’t use bold heading format. Instead, use the Section Title style. This style automatically starts your section on a new

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    Submitted: October 3, 2016
  • Men and Masculinities in History

    Men and Masculinities in History

    Men and Masculinities in History Introduction: History is the tool that brings past in our knowledge. The study of past events and behavior of human is known as history. But due to the biased nature of human based on sex creates a distinction which is women’s history that came to notion when this oppressed and marginalized group started thinking about their ways of liberation and achieving social, political and economic dignity. Today, women want to

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    Submitted: October 17, 2016
  • History of Race

    Dave St. Peter Reaction Paper Sam Boegeman SMGT 1701 The Minnesota Twins President Dave St. Peter visited our Sports Management class as a guest speaker. He came in to talk about the topic of how he landed a job in sports and what we can do to increase our chances. The purpose of this paper is to write about how Dave St. Peter answered my three questions and to summarize what I learned from him.

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    Submitted: October 17, 2016
  • The History of Newcastle Under Lyme

    The History of Newcastle Under Lyme

    Karina Bartlam “Between 1st and 19th century AD Newcastle under Lyme was more important locally than nationally.” Explain how far you agree with this statement. The romans first invaded Britain in AD43; with them they brought the roman road construction. They constructed a network of main road throughout Britain that ran through all of the major towns and cities for trading and supplies. These roads had forts placed at 10 mile intervals that the army

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    Submitted: October 20, 2016

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