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  • Civil War Questions Answered

    Civil War Questions Answered

    05/01/08 Chapter 12 Discussion Questions 1. By early 1864 most Confederate Southerners had probably given up hopes of winning the Civil War (1861-65) by conquering Union armies. The Confederacy had a real chance, though, of winning the war simply by not being beaten. In spring 1864 this strategy required two things: first, Confederate general Robert E. Lee's army in Virginia had to defend its capital, Richmond, and keep Union general Ulysses S. Grant's forces at

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  • The Political Divisions That Contributed To Civil War

    The Political Divisions That Contributed To Civil War

    To start off I am not going to compare the two essays in the Cobbs book but rather focus on Michael F. Holt’s article titled The Political Divisions That Contributed to Civil War. In this essay I will examine the arguments that the author makes, his viewpoints, and the causes of the civil war. Then I will explain why I agree with those arguments. It is the author's essential point that a strong democracy requires

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  • Ancient History Trojan War

    Ancient History Trojan War

    The Trojan War, a significant historical event in Greek Mythology which began in 1250B.C. , the war occurred because of an economic rivalry between Mycenae and Troy, a big trading city in current-day Turkey near the Dardanelles. There are many different tales of how the Trojan War began but there is one that seems to be popular. Helen wife to Menelaus the King of Sparta was seduced by Paris of Troy and brought to his

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  • 1862 Versus 1945 - War Is War

    1862 Versus 1945 - War Is War

    1862 versus 1945 - War is War In reading both Whitman's "Civil War Diary" and Hachiya's "Hiroshima Diary" the suffering of humanity and the aftermath of war remain the same: the people suffer, the lands are destroyed and life is never the same. Through daily entries in "Civil War Diary," Whitman virtually pens his thoughts as they occur, writing his vivid and heart wrenching observations. In "Hiroshima Diary," Hachiya's memories are similar to those of

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  • Freud And Star Wars

    Freud And Star Wars

    Psychoanalytic Criticism on Featured Film, Star Wars A Myth-Freudian Criticism Star Wars is a classic movie written and directed by George Lucas that encompasses a vast array of archetypes and phallic/yonic symbols that yield fascinating "between the lines" interpretations. An analysis of such archetypes reveals a great deal of what the main characters are thinking. The synopsis of the movie is as such: The story commences with Princess Leia escort ship being boarded by Empire

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  • Causes Of The Revolutionary War

    Causes Of The Revolutionary War

    Seventeen sixty-three was a year of great celebration, it was the year of the French and Indian War's end. The British defeated the French and their Native American allies, in North America. The colonists were pleased with the British victory, because they could now live in peace. However, as time past and the cost of the war were being charged to the colonies, the 13 began to feel enmity towards England. The Americans became unified

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  • Compare & Contrast The Portrayal Of War In Dulce Et Decorum Est & Charge Of The Light Brigade.

    Compare & Contrast The Portrayal Of War In Dulce Et Decorum Est & Charge Of The Light Brigade.

    Tennyson's Charge of The Light Brigade and Owen's Dulce Et Decorum Est both explore warfare. However they each have significant differences. Charge Of The Light Brigade was written in the 18th Century and is about the Crimean War. It explains, in a very majestic manner, that fighting in a war is something every soldier should be extremely proud of. Sacrifices have to be made and bravery is an absolute necessity. Tennyson ignores the darkness and

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  • Marketing As An Art Of War

    Marketing As An Art Of War

    1 Spandan Marketing as an Art of War Malini Pande ______________________________________________________________________ The true nature of marketing today is beyond serving the customer; it is outwitting, outflanking, and outfighting your competitors. In short marketing is a war where the enemy is the competition and the customer is ground to be won. Marketing battles are not fought in physical places but in the minds of the prospective consumer. The mind is the tricky terrain both difficult to

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  • Cola Wars

    Cola Wars

    Overview In the mid-1980s, Coca-Cola and Pepsi re-entered the bottling business, which had long been dominated by family-operated independents. Coca-Cola began repurchasing interests in bottlers worldwide with a view toward providing those bottlers with financial and managerial strength, improving operating efficiencies, and promoting expansion into emerging international markets. Finance Initially, the decision has an element of risk. The acquisitions costs of the independent bottlers were high. Between 1980 and 1985, Coca-Cola's case increased their debt

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  • Whitman And The Civil War

    Whitman And The Civil War

    Walt Whitman is one of the best known American poets. His poems promote the cause of freedom while simultaneously praising the dignity of the individual. His poems are usually about himself, yet in himself he sees the entire humanity and successfully communicates this to the reader, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. Walt Whitman was a part of the transcendental movement of Poets in America, which also included Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. In Whitman's

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  • Drug Wars

    Drug Wars

    Ben Hadley 8/23/2007 Final Crew II Learning from your mistakes: Drug Wars. By investigating the past we can help avoid mistakes in the future. Currently the past and the present don't seem to reflect any growth or maturity but instead seem to reflect views that have been held for centuries too long. The first Opium war eventually sparked a revolt and combative war which saw a lot of Chinese bloodshed and not much of

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  • Australias Involvement In Vietnam War - Opinion

    Australias Involvement In Vietnam War - Opinion

    Australia's involvement in war overseas is what I think is necessary. But there are so many consequences to war. Too much heartache for those who don't return and those who are involved in the war. It is hard on everybody in the world. So I say no to war overseas. The soldiers go through the worst experiences during the time they are fighting in the war. Firstly the conditions in which they fight are horrible.

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  • War


    Religion: Blessing or Curse Jihad, holy war, and infidel are words that are becoming more and more familiar to the American public due to the current involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Enemy combatants believe they are fighting American soldiers in the name of Jihad. This, however, is not the first instance of such an event; for centuries people have fought viciously in wars because they believed that God would reward them. Is religion not supposed

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  • Civile War

    Civile War

    A civil war that has raged for seven years in the small West African country of Sierra Leone has turned increasingly brutal. (1, p.1) Rebels are mutilating civilians without much response from the international community. A strong Nigerian contingency has tried to suppress the rebellion, but the rebels continue to cause major trouble in Sierra Leone. The rebels overthrew President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. However, President Kabbah returned to office on March 10, 1998 to face

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  • War And Effectson Chlidren

    War And Effectson Chlidren

    War affects children in all the ways it affects adults, but also in different ways. First, children are dependent on the care, empathy, and attention of adults who love them. Their attachments are frequently disrupted in times of war, due to the loss of parents, extreme preoccupation of parents in protecting and finding subsistence for the family, and emotional unavailability of depressed or distracted parents. The child may be in substitute care with someone who

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  • The Cost Of War On Terror

    The Cost Of War On Terror

    President Bush has made clear on many occasions that the war on terror (WOT) will be a long war and a war that will be “fought on many fronts”. The goals and objectives were set out very clearly in the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism - February 2003, which called for defeating terrorists and their organizations; denying support, sponsorship or sanctuary to terrorists and ensure that other countries follow this same goal; diminish the underlying

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  • Iraq War

    Iraq War

    The war against Iraq began on March 20, 2002, when the U.S lunched ?Operation Iraqi Freedom?. This was after President Bush called Iraq part of an ?axis of evil?, also calling the country dangerous which is threatening U.S with the world?s most destructive weapons. The major phase of the war began when U.S troops marched within 50 miles of Baghdad with heavy aerial attacks on Baghdad and other cities. After the attack on the Twin

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  • The Just War

    The Just War

    Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. - Ernest Hemingway I disagree with statement “War is often justified and worth the cost”. Through out history, war has been defined as a state of open, armed, often-prolonged conflict, but what is a Just war? It’s a question that has been around as long as the concept as war itself. Some think that a just war is a war

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  • Cold War Ideology

    Cold War Ideology

    Cold War Ideology and Policies The end of the war brought on Americans being overly conscious of communist in America and the threat of what Stalin would do over in Russia. The United States had a booming economy and a massive military. With Stalin threatening dominion over in that part of the world the U.S. was the only country able to block him. Britain and the U.S. were tired of fighting but that wouldn’t have

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  • The War Between Love

    The War Between Love

    What is marriage about these days? In America, marriage is a commitment something that the two of you have to work on to make it successful. Something that you have to work on your entire life so that it won't end up in divorce. To have a successful marriage you have to find the one. The one that you love, loves you back, and have things in common with. Isn't this what marriage is about?

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  • Banana War

    Banana War

    In the late 1990s, a trade dispute erupted between the United States and several European countries over a popular fruit вЂ" bananas. At issue was whether or not, under World Trade Organization rules, the Europeans had the right to give preference to fruit imported from their former colonies. When the colonial era came to a close in the 1950s and 60s, Britain, France, and Italy signed trade agreements with their former colonies in the Caribbean,

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  • Fight Against The War

    Fight Against The War

    Recently I have noticed that our country wants to reinstate the draft, but I don’t see the point in doing so because all we are doing is putting the future of our country in jeopardy. Since the prisons are overpopulated I think that we should send the prisoners that are going to rot in prison to war and let them fight for our country. Of course there are some exceptions, but the country could let

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  • Sri Lanka's Continual Civil War

    Sri Lanka's Continual Civil War

    Sri Lanka’s Continual Civil War The ethnic tension between Sri Lanka’s majority and minority populations, the Sinhalese who are mostly Buddhists being the majority and the minority being mostly Hindu and are called Tamil, has been going on for many of years. Finally in 1983 the ethnic tensions finally spilled over into civil war. The civil war has been mostly between the government of Sri Lanka and the militant organization called the Liberation Tigers of

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  • The Art Of War For Managers

    The Art Of War For Managers

    The Art of War for Managers While “The Art of War” was written by Sun Tzu during the 6th century B.C., long before the colonization of the Americas, the onslaught of the Crusades, and before the Persian Wars of around 490 B.C., it remains relevant to this day. There is also strong evidence that the work inspired Napoleon and was used in the planning of Operation Desert Storm. “The Art of War” has withstood the

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  • Examining The Civil War

    Examining The Civil War

    Examining the Civil War Examining the Civil War The American Civil War, 1861-1865, was the result of a nation torn into two. The American Civil War was fought on United States soil by forces between the northern states of the Union and the southern states of the Confederacy. The 23 northern states out numbered the 11 southern states, which declared succession and formed the Confederacy. The American Civil War, or simply the Civil War, was

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