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The War Between Love

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Essay Preview: The War Between Love

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What is marriage about these days? In America, marriage is a commitment something that the two of you have to work on to make it successful. Something that you have to work on your entire life so that it won't end up in divorce. To have a successful marriage you have to find the one. The one that you love, loves you back, and have things in common with. Isn't this what marriage is about? Why would anyone stand behind a glass window and watch their spouse cheat on them. In the American Dream, marriage is perfect. Everyone is in love, loyal, and happy. But what is truly behind these fake smiles. Are we all just waiting to be lied to, betrayed, and hurt in a marriage?

For instance, theirs Gatsby and Daisy, they were once madly in love. But then Gatsby was shipped off to war having to leave Daisy. They were both madly in love with each other and he could see them being together after he came back from the war. Which eventually changed she couldn't wait for him anymore. She fell in love with someone else and got married. the night before her wedding she received a letter from Gatsby and was about to bail. “Tell 'em all Daisy's change' her mine. Say Daisy's change her mine!'” (Fitzgerald). As you can see from this statement she still had feelings for Gatsby. She was about to call everything off. You shouldn't marry anyone unless you are sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with them you shouldn't have any doubt what so ever. And she still went off and married him. Daisy is already hurting her marriage and being dishonest to her husband.

After Gatsby came back from the war he bought a huge house and across the bay lived Daisy.

One night at a party Gatsby asked to speak to Jordan; he wanted her to tell Nick to invite daisy over to his house for tea. Finally, One afternoon Daisy came over and hit it off great with Gatsby. It was awkward at first but heated up later on that afternoon. They had forgotten me but Daisy glanced up and held out her hand; Gatsby didn't know me at all (Fitzgerald). When Tom finds out about Daisy's And Gatsby's relationship he doesn't really get angry of course he wants them to stop seeing each other. But not the type of anger that a normal person gets when they find out their spouse is cheating on them. Turns out that Tom is also cheating on Daisy.

Tom has a mistress named Myrtle. Myrtle is also married. Tom and Myrtle have a house together in the city and have parties practically every weekend they even have a puppy. “I



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