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Iraq War

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The war against Iraq began on March 20, 2002, when the U.S lunched ?Operation Iraqi Freedom?. This was after President Bush called Iraq part of an ?axis of evil?, also calling the country dangerous which is threatening U.S with the world?s most destructive weapons. The major phase of the war began when U.S troops marched within 50 miles of Baghdad with heavy aerial attacks on Baghdad and other cities. After the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon which was believed to be the work of Al Qaeda, U.S was concerned about the security of the Untied States which lead to the war in Iraq. Even though U.S officials felt the war in Iraq is the main priority, but many people in U.S opposes the war which brings up a lot of controversial issues. Some people feel that lives of troops are put on risk for unnecessary reason, and people are also concerned about the innocent civilians getting killed in Iraq. Also billions of tax payer?s dollars are spent on the war which could be used for other major issues within our country such as poverty, education and security. I feel that declaring war with Iraq was unnecessary and that there are many other ways to resolve this conflict. As the war progressed many people were questioning President Bush?s decision to declare war in Iraq because U.S intelligence believes Iraq has weapons of mass distraction, I never agreed with the decision, and I always felt that the money and the effort should be used to catch Osama Bin Laden, who was the man, believed to be responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001. Catching him and brining him to U.S custody should be the first priority because he still is a threat to our country. I feel that it would work out better instead of going to war and killing a lot of innocent people to find weapons of mass distraction indicated from a weak source. U.S intelligence also claimed Iraq?s leader Saddam Hussein was funding the terrorist group who are planning attacks on America. He was also accused of bribing UN officials when they were doing a search in Iraq for nuclear or biological weapons. The main reason for invading Iraq was because America is concerned about the nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons Saddam Hussein might have. Intelligence indicated Saddam was reconstituting its nuclear weapons program and maintained links to al Qaeda affiliates to whom it might give such weapons to use against the United States. After two years of examining Iraq, the weapon search group failed to find weapon of mass destruction stockpiles or any program to produce them. The Bush administration has expressed disappointment that no weapons or started programs to produce weapons were found, but the White House had been reluctant to call off the search, holding out the possibility that weapons were moved out of Iraq before the war or are hidden somewhere inside the country. But the intelligence official said that possibility is very small. It is very likely if Iraq was holding any kind of weapons that America is concerned about, they would have used it to keep U.S soldiers out of Iraq. There is evidence Saddam Hussein bribed UN staff as well as French and Russian diplomats through the agency distributed oil-for-food program Iraq. He also used the oil-for-food program to finance foreign terrorist groups. One of the biggest concerns for this war is the safety of the U.S soldiers and the civilians of Iraq. Since the start of the war in 2003, a total of 1,524 U.S soldiers



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