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“A Hero’S Legacy: Kira’S Journey”

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Essay Preview: “A Hero’S Legacy: Kira’S Journey”

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Fifteen years have passed since the downfall of the evil king, Dark Kahn. Peace has run rampant throughout the land. Sage and Videl, the rulers of the Stingray Kingdom, are blessed by the birth of their son, Kira. Sage knows that if anything happens to him, his son will have to defend the land against evil. Now fifteen years later, on Kira’s 15th birthday, Sage declares Kira as crowned prince of the Stingray Kingdom.

During Kira’s party, everyone in the castle heard an evil voice saying, “Well, well. What have we here?” Then a dark figure appeared in front of Sage. Sage pulls out the Sword of Power and points it at the dark figure. The dark figure takes off his hood and says, “Remember me, Sage?” Sage said in reply, “You’re Dark Kahn, but how did you survive the Burning Slash that Draco and I dealt to you.” “My master, Chattur’gha, granted me eternal life,” spoke Dark Kahn, “When I obtained his power from the Realm of Ancients. Now Sage, do you remember anything that the late Queen Sylia spoke of about me.” Sage said in reply, “She started to tell me something about you, but she died before she could finish speaking.” “Sage, to tell you the truth, I am your father,” spoke Dark Kahn, “I became evil itself to fulfill my goal to become the most powerful throughout the land.” “Why father,” asked Sage, “Why did you turn your back on the path of righteousness.” Dark Kahn said in reply, “I would do anything to become the strongest even if I have to kill my own son.” “I’m not afraid to die, father, and I will defeat you again,” spoke Sage, “Armor of Light come to my aid.” Then the Armor of Light appeared on Sage. “Time to die,” spoke Dark Kahn, “Darkness Slash of Chattur’gha!” Dark Kahn’s attack struck Sage through the armor and killed him. “Finally I have no more pests to stop me on my path to become the strongest,” spoke Dark Kahn. Then suddenly, Kira picked up his father’s Sword of Power and points it at Dark Kahn. “Well, well,” spoke Dark Kahn, “The newly crowned prince wants some of the action too.” “I’ll take revenge for my father’s death,” spoke Kira. Then Kira drops the sword, pulls out his dagger, stabs his hand, and made a vow saying, “By this pain I make this vow. I will become like my father and kill you, Dark Kahn. Therefore, you never come back. I swear it!” “Big words from a punk kid,” spoke Dark Kahn, “I’m going to let you live, so bye for now.” After that, Dark Kahn vanished within the darkness.

The Videl rushed over to Sage’s side to check his condition. Then the Armor of Light disappeared off Sage and then it reappeared on Kira. Then with his last breath, Sage spoke to Kira saying, “The Armor of Light is now yours son and also I want you to kill Dark Kahn once and for all.” After that, Sage passed away and leaving his son with the fate of this land. Videl went over to her son to wrap his hand. Then the Armor of Light disappeared off Kira and Videl could see a lot of blood coming from her son’s hand. Videl quickly wrapped up Kira’s hand and spoke to him saying, “Kira, you need to find Draco so you begin your training. You should find him at the training grounds and please be careful, son.” Kira replied saying, “I will, Mom.” After that, Kira kissed his mom goodbye and left to begin his training with Draco.

Kira made his way to the training grounds and saw Draco training the palace guards. “General Draco, I request training, so I can become strong enough to defeat Dark Kahn,” spoke Kira. Draco looks at Kira and then turns his attention back to the guards. Draco spoke to the palace guards saying, “Men, take a break and get something to eat.” The palace guards said in reply, “Sir, yes sir!” Then the palace guards left and Draco turned his attention back towards Kira. “Prince Kira, how are you today,” asked Draco. Kira said in reply, “Not so good. Dark Kahn’s return and the death of my father. Everything is happening so fast.” Draco looked shocked after hearing about Dark Khan’s return and the death of his good friend, Sage. “Do you process the Armor of Light now, Kira,” asked Draco. Kira nodded his head yes and showed Draco the Sword of Power. “If process that weapon then that means you process your father’s Power of the Ancients,” spoke Draco. “What’s that,” asked Kira. Draco said in reply, “There is only a few of us who process the Power of the Ancients. Your father processed the Power of Mantorok, your mother processes the Power of Xel’lotath, and I process the Power of Ulyaoth.” “Dark Kahn mentioned Chattur’gha,” spoke Kira, “Is that his power.” “Yes it is, Kira,” replied Draco. Then suddenly a purple glow appeared around Kira’s wound. “Kira, remove your bandages from your hand,” spoke Draco. Kira removed his bandages from his hand to expose the wound. “I see,” spoke Draco, “The Power of Mantorok is healing your wound.” “I guess I process my father’s power now,” spoke Kira. Then Kira’s wound was fully healed. “Kira, if you’re ready,” spoke Draco, “Let’s begin your training.” Kira said in reply, “Sure thing, Draco.” With that, Kira’s training began and it would take some time before Kira was ready to take on Dark Kahn.

Three years have passed and Kira’s training has ended. “I believe that you are now ready to take on Dark Kahn,” spoke Draco. Then suddenly, Draco and Kira heard screams coming from within the castle. “I think those screams came from my mother,” spoke Kira. “Then we have no time to lose,” replied Draco. Draco



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