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Hero’s Journey - Composition

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Mason Alt


Composition through Literature-9

28 March 2017

Hero’s Journey

I had almost all my things packed and I was waiting for my Grandparents to get me another suitcase. As I sat and waited I was thinking about my friends and everything else I was leaving behind. It was around 6:00 in the morning and we had a seven hour drive ahead of us. A few days before we left I asked why we were leaving and they said it was because of my Grandpas job. I was pretty upset knowing I had to leave Michigan. When we got in the car I looked out the window and my eyes slowly started to droop and I started to slump back into my seat.

When I woke up the sun was just starting to come up over the horizon. Once I was fully awake I realized we were no longer in Michigan. When I asked where we were they said we were in Indiana and almost into Indianapolis. “How long till we get to Kentucky?” I asked.

“Around four hours.” my grandma responded.

I sighed, “This is going to take forever.” I stayed awake for awhile but a little later I fell back asleep. When I woke up for the second time we were on a highway with nothing but hundreds of solar powered windmills on each side. For the next four and a half hours I sat in the car and we occasionally stopped at a fastfood place or a rest stop. After around 7 hours we finally got to the town we moved to. Once we got into the town there was a sign that read “Bardstown.” It was a very small town that didn’t have very many stores or other buildings. The first thing I noticed when we got into the neighborhood was that it had very nice houses. It was a very short street with on 10 or 11 houses on either side before the end of the road. The house that we moved into was the second to



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