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Parallel Journeys

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Parallel Journeys

Parallel Journeys takes place during World War Two. It is about the lives of Helen

Waterford and Alfons Heck. The book tells both of their stories.

Helen Waterford was a Jewish girl from Germany. She lived in Frankfurt with her

mother and father. Her mother wanted Waterford to marry a wealthy man early, and

become a housewife. Waterford had other plans, she went on to study at a university.

After the war began Waterford could not continue her studies.

Alfons Heck was a boy living in Germany. He lived on a farm with his

grandmother. He had a brother who lived with his parents in another part of Germany.

Heck's life was church, school, and helping on the farm until Hitler came along. Hitler

started telling people his ideas, and Heck liked them. He was very excited to join the

Hitler Youth when he was ten years old.

Helen Waterford married Siegfried Wohlfarths. His parents did not approve of her

because of her father's nationality. Even though his parents did not give consent, they

were married. Soon after that they had a daughter named Doris. They were happy

because they had many friends, and some of them had just had children as well.

Alfon's Heck took the Hitler Youth very seriously. No one in his family approved

of the nazi's ideas, but it



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