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"that Evening Sun" Short Analysis

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Black and White

Faulkner has criticized the relationships of opposing stereotypical factors of the modern society. During the 19th, slavery was a significant issue for the black community. The author of “That evening sun” has emphasized some of the undesired, ordinary affairs that the blacks had to go through. The protagonist, Nancy, who was a black female household responsible for all of the chores of her family tried to support the family’s financial balance by prostituting herself to the Baptist, “Mr Stovall”. However, he didn’t pay Nancy off because he knew that he wasn’t going to get punished. As Nancy repeated the statement, “when you going to pay me, white man?”, the Baptist replied her with a “kick… in the mouth”. This scene cleared out the social rank systems of blacks and white, where “white man” wasn’t trialed for harming black, linking us back to the poem “Ain’t I a women”. After the scene, Nancy was put in jail for harassing Mr Stovall. During the late noon, the jailer found “Nancy hanging from the window bar”. He described that she was stoned by “cocaine... because no nigger would try to commit suicide unless he was full of cocaine, because a nigger full of cocaine was not a nigger any longer”, meaning that Nancy wasn’t black anymore when she hanged herself. Once again we see that the rights for “niggers” were overly insufficient when,“Caddy”, the 5 year old boy asked Nancy “where did you get a watermelon in the winter”. Even though Nancy was pregnant, she was “whipped”, “kicked” and “beat[en]” by the whites just because she was a “nigger”. As Nancy tried to “swallow” a sip of coffee given by Disley, she couldn’t because she was scared of someone. She was fearful towards her husband. When one is in so much pressure, it's conscience comes out unconsciously. Nancy, who was experiencing a supreme fear, she confesses that “I ain’t



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