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Zombies In Movies

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While there are many serious issues facing the world today there are none more worrisome than that of a zombie apocalypse. This an area that is not usually thought of as one of the issues in today’s society, but I find it hard to believe that there are many issues that are more serious than the one at hand. All information I have ever encountered about zombies has been nothing to laugh about, because zombies are a fierce and savage group that will stop at nothing to kill and devour any living humans. This is most clearly seen through two motion pictures that depict the horror that is a zombie apocalypse. While Shaun of the Dead is a comedy horror about zombies and Night of the Living Dead is a classical horror film, both movies depict the horrible outcome that a zombie apocalypse would cause on the world.

When a zombie apocalypse occurs, all the unburied dead come back to life and begin to feast on the humans that are alive. Although the cause of a zombie apocalypse is still unclear, the thought of the undead eating every living person is a terrifying thought. Especially since there is only one way to kill a zombie. The general consensus on how to kill a zombie is to, “remove the head, or destroy the brain.”(Shaun of the Dead) Zombies are a deadly force and are very hard to stop, because there are so many of them and they can only be stopped when their brain has been stopped.

In Shaun of the Dead the zombie apocalypse is seen through the perspective of the British. The zombies start out in small numbers but rapidly grow to great numbers. They travel in packs and move towards their prey very slowly. This movie pokes fun at the idea of zombies by creating an image of them as stupid and slow. One scene in particular shows the Shaun and Ed ,the two main characters, having enough time to run around and throw records at a couple of zombies to try and kill them while showing no signs of worry at all. While making fun of the zombies and how slow they are, the movie still graphically depicts the influence zombies have on a society. In a short matter of time the zombies took over the whole city that the movie is set in and eventually trap the characters in a pub. And although this movie has the zombies as slow and stupid creatures, they still manage to overtake the human population, which is by far smarter and faster than the zombies.

When you are dealing with the undead, you often encounter someone you know who has become a zombie. In Shaun of the Dead, Shaun’s mother is bitten and becomes a zombie, which brings up another reason as to why zombies are hard to beat. In order to survive the apocalypse you would have to be willing to kill someone you love. The idea of killing a loved one is very hard on a person and often ends in the downfall of the survivors. This is also seen in Night of the Living Dead when Barbra sees her brother and can’t bring herself to kill him in order to save her own life and is taken away by the zombies, to undoubtedly be eaten.

Night of the Living Dead is a very



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