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The Movie "Esl"

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One of the main characters in the movie ESL is Bolívar - a young man, who comes from Mexico to Los Angeles by illegally crossing the border with a group of people in search of a better life in America. From the very beginning of the movie we see him as a sincere person with a good heart. Boliver was willing to take a risk in coming to USA, so he can provide for his family back home. He shows his positive character in the car crash scene, where he is the only person who is worried about Lola's well being after the accident and hesitates to leave her, despite the risk of being caught and arrested by the police.

As the movie continues, we see how Bolívar has to compromise his principles in order to survive in the foreign country and to send the money to his family when he takes a job of an exotic dancer in the club.

The climax event in the story was when Bolívar was pushed to what was an extreme humiliation for him - entertaining the male customers. He couldn't step over his pride any longer and decided to stand up for himself, knowing the consequences of his actions would be losing the job.

Bolívar seemed to become lost in the material world of fast money. At the end, he realized that he wants to be with his family and stay true to himself and his values. Unfortunately, he had to learn his lesson the hard way. He had to go through the brutal life experience of humiliation and compromising your values. Therefore, as a result of all his hardships was the recollection of what really matters in life.



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