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Movie: Trouble With Harry

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Essay Preview: Movie: Trouble With Harry

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The Trouble With Harry




John Forsythe: Sam Marlow (the artist)

Edmund Gwenn: Captain Wyles

Shirly McLane: Jennifer Rogers

Mildred Natwick: Ms. Gravely

Director was Alfred Hitchcock and he also produced this as well

Plot -

One of the first scenes in the movie has Captain Wyles shooting his gun. Captain Wyles sees a rabbit and shoots it, but when he goes to see if it is indeed dead, he found a man (Harry) with blood dripping from his head. Captain Wyles thinks he shot the man and decides he needs to get rid of the body. After time goes by he meets more people. One person he meets is Mrs. Gravely and Sam Marlow. Mrs. Gravely doesn't want anything to do with the body, but Sam desides to help out the captain. They come up with this deal that the only way they will burrie Harry is if Jennifer Rogers relationship with Harry was bad. Sam goes to find out the answer by talking to Jennifer. He find out that she is his wife, but she doesn\'t

love him that much at all. While that is going on Captain Wyles eats dinner with Ms. Gravely. He finds out from a little kid that he did indeed shoot the rabbit, and then Ms. Gravely thinks she killed him. So they dig up the body again, and find out that Harry died from a stroke. Sam falls in love with Jennifer and marries her. The End.

Captain Wyles - Old man who thinks he shot and killed Harry

Sam Marlow - Artist who takes action and investigates things.

Jennifer Rogers



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