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Your Career As An It Professional

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Through this research I have conducted we are able to conclude that there are several different points of view on an effective web design. What we learn from this is that there can really never be the perfect website because everyones point of view on perfect is vastly different. What we need to spend are time on is operating effieciency and the over all graphic design. While still being carefull that are website is not overbaring. Some times in web development we feel the need to have an astonishing graphical design but the study shows that the average consumer feels like this is to much and skips your website for the one that is simple but efficient.

I would like to start out by introducing myself to the reader. I am Steven L. Diesman a 26 year old father of two. I was in a terrible car accident in February of last year (2007) which temporarily took the ability to work away from me due to injury. During this time I began to realize that I would not ever be able to do the amount or type of work I was doing prior to my accident. I then started looking in to other fields of interest I have had since I was a small child. One such interest was the ever expanding computer industry. I had to decide what specific field as the computer industry is rather large and only getting larger by the year. There were several fields that I could possibly enter into and have success at building a career. One such field was web development or internet design. Although I had to start somewhere to get to the point in my life where I could do what I wanted for my particular career choice. I started out in the Associates program for Information technology at Axia College of the University of Phoenix. This was a logical step for me to take in my life at that point in time.

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Some key aspects that we will be touching on in regards to web development are: The growth of the internet due to web development, the different options of potential careers in web development, Monetary gain outcome possibilities, and the freedom of time management. These aspects of web development are the basic things that drew me to this particular career choice.

When looking at the past history of the internet one can only stare and wonder why I didn’t jump in to this booming career field when I had the chance. Well let me be the one to tell you that it is not to late to start your career in web development today. The seed of what would become the internet was created by ARPANET in 1969. It was basically a group of researchers working for the Department of Defense. It was not until RFC 768 "User Datagram Protocol", RFC 791 "Internet Protocol", RFC 792 "Internet Control Message Protocol, RFC 793 "Transmission Control Protocol" were ratified in 1980 and 1981 that the Internet took shape. Modern protocols like e-mail, ftp, telnet, and http ... all depend on these underlying protocols. The ARPANET host protocol was switched from NCP to TCP/IP as of January 1, 1989.

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This is a chart to help illustrate the growth of the internet from 1995 all the way to a perspective 2010.

Due to all this growth of the internet over the last several years the job market in regards to web based careers has also experienced a boom. There are more local jobs in IT departments of businesses in your area, Web design companies, and Small web based home businesses.

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Depending on your level of determination and your general understanding of the computer industry you can find a career in any of these fields. For example I am going to use the web development (design) field to explain how this may be accomplished. In a step by step over look at the whole process of Web Development in a small home based business from a design aspect.

1. A. Start the process of acquiring an IT degree (minumum Web Design certificate). B. Obtain the degree you required. C. Continue to further your education after graduation and the start of your new career.

2. A. Have a small amount to a large amount of capitol to fund your business. (Step 2 should be done in combination with the steps in 1)

3. A.Obtaining an E-mail address for your proposed URL(domain name). B.Purchasing a URL or IP Address. C.Setting up a small business acount with the bank of your chioce.

4. A. Linking this URL and E-mail to your bank account. B.Designing the actuall web page that you wish to use to promote your Web Development and Design home based company.

5. Advertising your Product or service and lots of work.

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Here is a diagram to help provide illustration to the points in the step by step on how to start your own home based Web design company.

There are a few things you should take into consideration before going into your chosen profession. Doing a short survey of the local businesses in your area will give you a better idea

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of there needs, wants, and concerns. Most business will be open to new idea’s that are cost effective as well as effective in producing results. Here is



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