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the benefits of yoga

yoga is the balance between mind and body mentally and physically. the word yoga means union or merger in Sankrit language. yoga combine yogasanas, pranayama, and meditatiion, all in which help a person feel relaxing and energizing. yoga provide physiological, pyschological, and spiritual benefits. these benefits include flexibility in the body, build strength, and feel good as a person overall. the practice of yoga makes a person become more aware of one's existence. it acts as both curative and preventive therapy. yoga important aspect are to achieve mental peace, increase concentrations, and create a healthy relationship.

yoga is the overall term but there are many different types of yoga.they provide physical and mental practice. there's six but the most common one in the United States and other Western countries is Hatha yoga. it's physical and it balance energy within the body. most people might find yoga similar to ballet and gymnastic. it's a combinination of both but different. yoga, unlike ballet, is still. there's not a lot of movement is involve. it involve many pose depending on what the person want to achieve through yoga. yoga have thirteen poses in total. each one have different outcomes.

many people practice

yoga for several reasons. one of them is to heal disorders such as asthma, arthritis, hypertension, bronchitis, etc. yoga can also allow the person to control their own heart rate, blood pressure, body temperatures, etc. studies had shown people that practice

yoga has less anxiety and stress. this is good for people that prefer a way around medicines. this is natural. if a person is afraid of aging, they should consider yoga. yoga offers anti aging get rid off loose skin to prevent a double chin, creating elasticity to the spine, improve postures, and strengthing adominal muscles. yoga can make a person look young and feel young. with the practice

of yoga, it can reduce and turn gray hair to it's original color and slow it's growth, maki g the person look younger. not being able to hear and see well is common for most older people. there's no need to worry. yoga improve the eye sight and hearing impairment.

the ability to lose weight is another amazing aspect of yoga. praticing yoga can turn fats into muscle and burn more calories. when people are anxious or stress, they tend to turn to food. this can lead to overweight. instead of eating,



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