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Yoga Therapy

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пЃµ пЃµ PEST analysis

пЃµ SWOT analysis

Where do you want your yoga to take you? At Pure, we help you identify your abilities and goals through a detailed personal assessment, and then provide a defining road map for your journey. We travel alongside you to guide, support, motivate, and inspire you to keep advancing your practice.

What makes the Pure Yoga experience rich and rewarding is a comprehensive schedule of classes, learning sessions, workshops, and immersions that are designed to complement your physical and spiritual growth as a yogi, whether you are just starting out or advancing your practice. Our dedicated yoga studios offer hundreds of classes each week in a wide range of styles.

Pure Yoga teachers are always inspiring, challenging, compassionate, and enlightening. Each and every one has a high level of experience in many styles of yoga and its complementary techniques. These teachers are our foundation. We are as committed to their evolution as they are to yours.

At Pure Yoga, we have considered every aspect of your yoga experience in our design and amenities. We offer four luminous, well-appointed practice rooms, two private-practice rooms, restful lounging areas, and spacious shower and locker rooms. Our innovative selection of yoga props and our ever-evolving schedule of signature yoga classes all enable you to enhance your yoga practice. We welcome our members to book all class reservations either by phone or online.

Pure represents an immersion into the ancient discipline of yoga in a modern urban setting. Accordingly, Pure has been designed to foster a transition from the bustle of the street into a more calm, nurturing space. This is achieved through key metaphors in architectural design, including symbols of ancient temple gates and bridges spanning over symbolic rivers created by pebbles and gems. At the door of each studio, a water fountain provides an opportunity for purification while the sound of water will help to soothe the spirit.

Every aspect of the design has been considered - from the studio placement to the luxury amenities - to ensure your best practice experience.

Natural materials and a reverence for nature help to heighten sensory awareness of the environment as well as of the body. The layout of all functional areas support the need for energy flow and a balance of yin and yang energies. This creates a space redolent of vitality that can also calm the nerves and prepare Members for a deep yoga experience. Finally, rituals will be performed



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