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I feel as if Dr. Bob's Yoga class has been extremely helpful during this semester. Nevertheless, I feel as if there are some positive, as well as, negative aspects of this course.

From what I know Yoga is suppose to be an activity in which your mind and body should stay relaxed and controlled. However, I feel as if this is sometimes hard for me to do while in this class. I believe that there are times where the instructor is extremely hilarious; however, there are also times where I feel as if he goes too far into his own opinion; which in turn, could cause some students to become disengaged from their relaxed state. I know that everyone has the right to their own opinion; however, I feel that there is a time and place for certain views to be expressed. I also cannot seem to understand why the instructor feels the urge to call students out especially when the student goes to him with confidence that what was stated would remain between the privacy of the student and instructor. It has happened to me before and I feel as if it is somewhat embarrassing. I am not going to linger over my negative views of this class because; on the other hand, I truly feel that my experience was more positive than negative.

I really like the structure of this class. Seeing that this course is more on a beginner level I appreciate the fact that Dr. Bob allows his students to go at their own pace. The majority of the time when the students engage in an activity Dr. Bob explains exactly how beneficial the position is to the human body. In my opinion, that really helps me understand when I should use the position. Dr. Bob has the perfect voice for Yoga. It is completely relaxing and calm. It gives me a tranquil feeling. The poses and positions that I have learned have become natural to me because we practice them during each class setting. Several of the poses that we engage in are basic and simple. So, keeping the amount at a minimum is a good idea.




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