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Wireless Communication

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Essay Preview: Wireless Communication

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In today's world of business, wireless communication has become an essential part of success and growth. Almost every single company in the business world today uses some sort of wireless communication in order to better suite the needs of the firm. To look back twenty years ago and realize that today, society as a whole is in an entire new entity of communication is absolutely mind boggling. What now needs to be focused on now is how wireless communication is affecting business as a whole, and how it will grow ten years from now.

Why is business communication needed today? Business has expanded to bigger and greater walks of life. With companies based in the United States selling their products all around the world and vise versa, all thanks to a simple little thing called the internet. Business economists need to be concerned with wireless communication because it is becoming a way of life to communicate with others in any kind of setting. Coming from an opinion almost fifteen years ago one writer said "First, by having the equipment and service, you become accessible to parties wanting to reach you. Therefore you must decide whether or when to connect or to disconnect" (1) another reason that they mentioned is "People taking advantage of the wireless will increase their productivity -- at home, at the office, on the road. Major changes in the wired and wireless communication industry will affect other sectors." (2) This article came from 1994; even the people thirteen years ago saw the growing possibilities in wireless communication. What kind of growth were they anticipating, from an article on October 2005 About 71 percent of America's 108 million households own at least one cell phone, according to Forrester Research Inc. More than 25 million households now own laptop computers, according to Forrester. And 5.3 million households have wireless Internet access. (3)

This growth of wireless communication so eminent the way of life for business travelers has changed immensely. For business men who used to travel to other cities for conferences, would only have to worry about the meeting they needed to attend, and then have free time to explore a new city. Not anymore, with the introduction of WiFi and blackberries business communication is now a 24 hour a day possibility. Not only does this affect the travelers of this world making things a lot easier to access, even schools are affected. Not only do schools now have almost all assignments bulletins, and essay broadcasted via internet, universities now offer entire classes based on the material of wireless communication. "University of California San Diego Department of Wireless Communications, wireless communications training includes, "low-power circuitry (radio frequency, analog and digital), smart antennas, communication theory (including speech, video, and image compression) (4) This just goes to show that



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