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Why Comedy Movies Are So Great

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There are many forms of expression inside of everybody; however the most common form is

laughter. The sound of laughter can be heard all around the worlds every second, it helps us

relieve stress and makes us feel better about ourselves. Comedy movies play such an important

role in helping us laugh. There are many forms of movies out there today. In spite of the recent

incline in action and horror movies today, comedy movies has always been my number one

choice because it gives people an opportunity to look at humor in life, it usually has a pointless,

useless moral that we can relate to, and it allows you to look at things in a new light and possibly

expand your horizon to become a more optimistic person.

All comedies always have one essential ingredient to make it a great comedy, humor. All

comedies give people an opportunity to look at humor in life and laugh at it. Comedies usually

show a hilarious scene for people to enjoy and laugh at. Many scenes which has a outburst of

crazy and ridiculous moments will not usually happen in our daily life, but its fun to enjoy. For

example, Ace Ventura: pet detective the character is looking for a missing dolphin, he goes into

an aquarium to look for some clues and he gets on top of a tank and falls into a shark tank and

when he came back out of the tank his clothes is ripped into shreds and people are looking at him

with a surprised look and the character says something ridiculous . This scene shows us

something that will not happen to us, but its still something we would laugh at and enjoy.

All comedy movies makes us laugh and feel better about ourselves, but some comedies

throw in a pointless useless moral usually in the end of the movie. Many of the morals in a

comedy movie can relate to us; however, it usually is a moral that is just useless facts that we

don't need in our daily life. In the movie, Me, Myself, and Irene is an example of a moral that we

can relate to but really don't need. In the beginning of the movie the character has found the love

of his life, they get married and live a happy life until his wife finds another guy and they get

divorced. At the end of the movie the main character finds another girl he really likes and was

going to let her walk out of his life, until he realizes he is not going to be happy without her and

stops her from leaving. The moral in the movie was that you shouldn't let a loved one go by

without telling that person your feelings. We can relate to this but it wont be of value in our

daily life.

Comedy movies can educate us and make us change into a different person as well. It

allows us to look at things in a new light and possibly expand your horizon to become a more



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