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Why Bodog Is Going To Seriously Challenge The Ufc And Pride.

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Essay Preview: Why Bodog Is Going To Seriously Challenge The Ufc And Pride.

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Why Bodog is going to Seriously Challenge the UFC and Pride.

I know I know, the title alone makes keyboard warriors all giddy to sit down with their Xyence energy drink, throw in a UFC or Pride highlight tape, (who's ever nuts you want to

hug more) and start flaming away. But before you do that, get past this first paragraph (I know a lot won't but I'll live) and hear me out, as shitty as the first show was, they're gonna be big.

First and foremost, I think that we can all agree that their first show was pretty awful. The abundance of B level fighters (not all, just a lot) being promoted to be the second coming of Chuck Liddell and Shogun, both ring announcers (especially Bif Naked), the whole focus on Russia vs. USA, and the constant parading of the Bodog girl (which cheapened the whole show) were just some of the problems this PPV had. However, this being their first event, problems were going to occur.

With this show behind them, mark my words, Bodog is going take off. There are a couple reasons why I feel this way, the most important being Bodog owner himself, Calvin Ayre. This man (at least to me) seems serious about getting into the world of MMA and has the monetary backing to do it. He has already shown that he is smarter than the defunct WFA by not putting all his eggs in one basket (i.e. investing so much in his first show) and even more impressive, he landed Fedor for his next show. Ayre's seriousness and money are going to be the catalysts on why Bodog gets huge.

To be competitive with Pride and the UFC, Bodog is going need to get quality fighters, which will in turn give their company credibility. Along with this, having better fighters will produce fights that fans want to watch. How will Bodog get more quality fighters? The biggest reason is simple, money. I highly expect Bodog, a billion dollar company, to pay fighters more than the UFC and Pride, but this isn't because the UFC and Pride pay shit. They're going to pay more because they have to pay more. UFC and Pride have already established themselves as the top of the food chain and the only way to get fighters away from these established organizations is money. Think of pro athletes in other sports, why do they go from a championship team to the team in last place?

There are many quality fighters I can see going to Bodog, many coming from the WFA. Now that this company is in ruins, these fighters need somewhere to compete and Bodog looks pretty appetizing. They can pay more (or are at least willing to) than UFC and Pride and the appeal of going to Bodog is the same that the WFA had for them; more money and becoming a superstar overnight. While fighting for an established organization, overnight superstars are few and far between as it takes years to be promoted and recognized. Fighting for Bodog however, will give them a chance to be an immediate superstar because the organization needs someone to push. The first fighter that is exciting and the fans latch onto will fit this bill and boom, instant MMA superstar.

Other fighters I can see going to Bodog are middle of the road fighters from the UFC or fighters with no future in the UFC. Fighters in the middle of the road category include many of the season one TUF guys (as their contracts are going to expire soon) and fighters that need to jumpstart their career. Chris Leben is one fighter that jumps out because he fits both bills. He doesn't think he gets the monetary respect he deserves but is big enough that he can command this from Bodog.

Fighters who have no future in the UFC are fighters like Andrei Arlovski or (MAYBE as he



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