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White Fang

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White Fang

By Jack London

White Fang, by Jack London is an amazing tail of survival and the wild. White fang is a wolf born into a cruel life, but endures it and becomes stronger because of it. He finds hate, but then finds love in the epic tail of this amazing animal.

Two men, Henry and Bill go sledding with six dogs. Each night they camp in the merciless wilderness, a dog is killed by a wolf pack. The wolves come closer to camp every night, until there are three dogs left. One of the wolves is different and bigger then the rest, a she-wolf, who's use to people and afraid of guns. One day the men's sled overturned and got caught up in trees. They had to untie the dogs to fix things. One of the dogs saw the she-wolf and took off after her, only to be ambushed by a dozen wolves. The dog ran for his life, while Bill went with his gun to save him. Bill and the dog both became a meal to the wolves. A couple of nights later, so did the rest of the dogs. The only thing that saved Henry was sheltering in the middle of a fire he'd made. By the time the fire had died, other men came with sled dogs to his rescue.

The she-wolf had taken off with her pack, only to abandon them to be with her one-eyed mate. They traveled to an Indian camp and stayed a few nights, then found a cave where the she-wolf had her five puppies. The father loyally went out hunting for them and let them eat before he did. Sometimes food got scarce though and all but one pup died from hunger. The father also died from tangling with a sphinx. The last pup was curious one day, While his mother was hunting, he went out of the cave and got his first kill, baby birds. He also fought with the mother bird, but lost the battle from getting pecked. Later a hawk ate that bird. Then the pup walked up to a stream and accidentally fell in. he was quickly swept downstream. Downstream the cub swam to shore and was met by a weasel and her babies. The pup attacked and was nearly killed by the mother weasel, but his mother came to the rescue. She killed the weasel and they ate it. Later that year, the she-wolf brought back a baby lynx for dinner. The mother lynx got angry and came to their cave and nearly killed them, but the wolves ate her too. That night the pup learned it was eat or be eaten. They suffered injuries for weeks after that.

One day the pup carelessly ran down to the stream to take a drink, when he came across five humans. They came up to him and tried to touch him, but the pup bit one man and got hit. The pup whimpered loudly and his mother came running. She snarled at the men, but one just yelled her name out, "Kiche!" Kiche had been the Indian's dog. She recognized them and settled down. The men were very happy to see her, for she had ran away a year before. The men named her pup White Fang. White Fang didn't like the humans, but they were as if gods to him. The pup often missed the cave. The other dogs at the camp were not his friends, so he became independent and smarter than them.

One day Kiche was taken on a boat away from the camp. White Fang tried to swim after her, but was scooped from the water into a boat and given a beating for it. He was beaten a lot, but learned to tolerate it. He became a troublemaker in the camp as he grew. He also became a good fighter, but became hated by both man and dog alike. That fall he ran away, but became lonely, so he ran for days back to the Indians. His master, Grey Beaver was pleased to see him return. When White Fang was eight months old, he pulled his first sled with a team of dogs. Mit-sah led the team. Several months later, White Fang stole some meat from another camp. A boy tried to hit him for it, but was bitten instead. The boy and his friends blamed Grey Beaver for the wolf, so they attacked him. White Fang fended the boys off. Later he was praised with meat.

When White Fang turned one year old, he encountered his mother. She was back but she did not remember him at all. So White Fang left her alone. When he turned three, a famine came upon the Mackenzie Indians and their dogs. The men ate some of the dogs to stay alive and the dogs ate each other as well. White Fang escaped into the woods though and hunted for food. He even killed young wolves and one wolf of a pack that chased him. He also caught up with his mother, who he quickly dismissed. Then White Fang went back to the Mackenzie Indians, where he was welcomed with great joy. Upon his return, he was made leader of the sled team. Now he got along even worse with the other dogs. They tried to kill him, but he was too strong and could easily kill a single one of them. Grey Beaver had never seen a dog like him. When White Fang was almost five, Grey Beaver took him to Fort Yukon. There he saw his first white man. White Fang hated other dogs so he killed many of theirs. A man called Beauty Smith had an interest in White Fang. White Fang hated Beauty Smith. Beauty Smith wanted to buy White Fang and Grey Beaver finally



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