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White Fang Book Report

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White Fang was written in 1906 by Jack London, a famous writer from the 18-1900's. The story centers around White Fang, the gray wolf cub born of Kiche and One Eye. He is shown to be different from the other pups in his litter and grows to be highly aggressive.

The first part of the story is set in the "Northland Wild," a region in the arctic. The characters, Bill and Henry, are heading for Fort McGurry. In part two of the book, the setting has moved to the Mackenzie River, where the wolf pack is traveling. Part three takes place in the Indian camp. White Fang meets the Indians in the woods and is taken back to the camp. Grey Beaver takes White Fang from the Indian camp and up the Mackenzie River, and they stop at the Great Slave Lake. They make another journey to the Yukon, and they cross through the Rockies on the way. White Fang and Beauty Smith travel from Yukon to Dawson, where he meets Weedon Scott and then goes to California with him. White Fang then lives in Sierra Vista for a long time.

White Fang is a young gray wolf cub, and the main character of the story. He develops over the course of the novel. White Fang's mom, Kiche, is the leader of the wolf pack and very good and experienced with humans. One Eye is White Fang's dad. Gray Beaver is the Indian master of White Fang. Gray Beaver can be violent at times. He becomes an alcoholic and loses his money and White Fang. Beauty Smith takes in White Fang and abuses him and uses him for money. Weedon Scott changes White Fang's attitude. He treats White Fang kindly, whereas he had been abused before. Weedon is also a mining expert.

White Fang was born to Kiche and One Eye. Two of the masters he had had were very unkind and unpleasant towards him. As a result, he becomes aggressive and snaps at anyone and anything. He wants to be left alone by everyone, but his second master, Beauty Smith, makes him fight dogs, wolves, and a lynx. Weedon Scott who is a mining



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