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The Native Son-Blacks And Whites

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Essay Preview: The Native Son-Blacks And Whites

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In the Native Son Wright lets us see how blacks and whites have so many

problems because of racial issues. We see how blacks and whites do not see eye to eye. We also see how being black in the 1930's was something you couldn't control but still was looked at as being something "bad". Color was what it was all about. Being black was seen as being lower class and also less- human than other Caucasians. We also see the fear that black families and communities had. These facts separate in details how two types of race had such an effect on each other but still did not know how much damaged they caused to each other during many, many years.

White people in this book felt blacks were bad people who just had bad ways of doing things. Stereo type was a big issue as we see when Bigger gets caught for the murder, newspapers stated that there was a "Mass Rapist on the loose". Since he was black they thought right away he was raped her. White people also showed that they didn't really care about what happened to black people. Since Mary Dalton was white, Caucasians were screaming at Bigger that he was a gorilla, that he should be killed, and many other bad racist comments. There were other white people who thought equality was for every one in the world. Jan is a prime example of how some white people felt blacks were treated wrong.

Blacks feared whites. Many of them had so much fear that they accepted the way they were being treated. They took it as a problem where there was no answer. When Bigger was driving back to the Dalton's house we see how many black people were just standing in the corner. Bigger was different though. He feared whites, but he sometimes tried to find the solution. Blacks also felt that the whites should be treated with more respect. The way Bigger answers his mother and the way he answers Mr. Dalton are two different tones of voices. One



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