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What Is Wrong with Older Way to Do Things?

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Essay Preview: What Is Wrong with Older Way to Do Things?

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What is wrong with older way to do things?

In modern time everyone is busy with their lives.  As the technology advances the way of life style is changing rapidly too.  Everything in our life is quicker and more complicated.  Newer generation always seeking for new things to entertain themselves, new style of food, new trends, new technology, and new life styles.  Is the new way always the better?  What is wrong with old way to do things? I believe something is missing from newer ways of doing things in our life.  

One of the top new way to stay with family, and friends is with smartphone.  People stay touch with their family with simply dial or say contact number on their phone, texting with many different application software, or with many different social network service.   There are nothing wrong with using smart phone, but what about sending a post card or a letter home? During last deployment I could call my wife with my iPhone with any internet connection.  I was glad I could talk to my family every day, but as day goes both of us were taking it as granted.  My first deployment without all this technology I did miss my family more, but my heart grew stronger for them as time goes by.  When I received a letter and package from my wife I could not be happier. So, what is wrong do thing old way?  

My mom used to make me a Korean traditional steamed bun with sweet red bean filling called “jjinppang”.   Now days I can go buy a pack from local Asian grocery store and steam it a home.   Obviously, it was still good, but it does not taste the same as my mom’s.  One day, I decided to make my own, so I called my mom and looked up the receipts on the web.   I did exactly what my mom told me and followed the instruction exactly.  I tried several times, but could not get the results I wanted.  So, I wondered what could be the difference.  Few days later, I called my mom and explained what I did, and she told me that it will impossible mimic the bun as she made.  The reason she gave told me were the ingredients are not the same.  All the food she cook for us back then were homemade, and locally harvested.   Most groceries in our store are processed now days.   It is convenient and faster to cook and serve, but all the preservative and processing take out the good things in them.   Using processed flours, and canned read bean filling cannot nearly mimic the old traditional way of cooking.  



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