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Do The Right Thing

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There were a few conclusions that Spike Lee intended us to make in the end of the movie. First of all, we learn that it was not about the money for Sal or Mookie. Sal built his pizzeria himself and that is really what he cared about. Mookie was upset that his community has been hurt even more. I think both of them realize that after what Sal said, the community would not have accepted him anymore, so Mookie might as well have thrown the garbage can through the window.

As I said above, I think Mookie did the right thing. The community would've never looked at Sal and his sons in the same way. Now that someone had died, it was time to end everything.

When the Korean storeowner said he was black, he meant that he was also a minority. This caused the crowd to get a good laugh and it saved the Korean's store. Both the Koreans and the blacks are minorities, but Sal was not. In other words, he was suggesting that he faces the same hardships that the blacks do.

I think this movie is advocating inclusive multiculturalism. If the community would just listen to each other, everyone would have benefited. It just seems like no one understands each other.

There are many different moral rules through out all cultures. Wherever you go in this world, morals change. For example, in some countries women must cover their entire bodies or in others you are forbidden to eat meat. It just depends on where you are in the world.

I think most of the characters in the movie are stereotypes. In fact, I think Mookie may be one of the only characters that is not a stereotype.

In conclusion, this was an excellent movie. It concentrates on many of today's multicultural issues. In the end, everyone has learned a lesson.



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