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What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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Essay Preview: What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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What's Gilbert Grape all about?

He's an average small town American with the not so average family.

He's getting tired of his life, which seems to be going nowhere.

Would I recommend this book? And why?

I've already recommended this novel to my brother.

The first couple chapters were hard to let go of and the book just seems to be getting more & more interesting as we start to see how things are going & coming to an end.

A question I'd ask Peter Hedges would be, why was the movie so different from the novel?

Why were so many things changed and unmentioned?

If I had seen the movie first, I wouldn't have been so interested in the book.


My name is Arnie...uhm...Arnie Grape.

I live at home with momma, Gilbert, Amy & uhm... Ellen.

Gilbert says I'm a phen..Phenah...Phenah-ha...uhm.

He also calls me a retard, but Amy says I'm special.

I sometimes do stuff I don't mean to do...I didn't mean to...


My birthday's soon. I want all the kids to be there.

I want to have hot dogs. Hot dogs!




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