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Walking Across Egypt

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I am twenty three, unemployed, and living with my mom. What more is there to say? I used to have this perfect job making just the right amount of money, but I guess that wasn't enough for me. I quit my job because it wasn't enough money. Now that I look back, It was a lot more than I have now. I was a telesales agent for T-mobile "where you always get more", and it made a decent living for me. Most people thought that when I said "telesales", that it meant that I was a "telemarketer". No I was far from a telemarketer; the customer did the hard part for us. They would call in and say "hey I want a phone with a line of service", and we would set that up for them. Now how hard is that? It was hard for me, because when I started there they said that we would be bringing incentives home by the bucketfuls. I was bringing mine home by the handfuls! I guess I just wasn't cut out for that place. So I quit on a bad note with them, and left myself looking for another job.

I used to work at Wendy's, which is where I found all of my friends. My best friend and I decided to move into this duplex off of twenty third street in Loveland. At one point there were 5 girls (my friends of course) living under one roof with one bathroom. That can be a mess in itself. We all had some good times together. We ended up getting in a fight with one, the other two found a place of their own, and that left me and my best friend to fend for ourselves. We lived there for about 6 more months before the whole quitting my job put us where we are now. We are proudly at my moms' house. Well it's not that bad now that I think about it. We pay two hundred a month to my mom for rent (by the way my mom makes a decent six digit salary). We have all the food we ever wanted along with free utilities, and Dish Network. It's a rough life for me.

Living with my mom gives me time to catch up on my schooling. I am going to Front Range for Computer Information Systems. I am trying to get all of my prerequisites



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