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Value Of A College Education

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Value Of A College Education

According to Lundberg (2003), "adult students are one of the most rapidly growing segments of today's college student population, making up approximately 40% of all college students" (665).

Having a college education is an important tool that contributes to several aspects of a person's life. The areas that are impacted the most would be the professional and personal areas. It is important to learn the value of a college education in order to take advantage of what you learn and how to productively apply it in your personal and professional life. Having a college education is something that can always be looked at as a positive achievement that feels good and looks good on a resume. Earning a college degree can provide a lifetime of rewards and unlike most other consumer purchases such as a car, will only appreciate in value, not depreciate.

Professional Aspects

According to Vocational Training News (2003), despite the current economic climate, college students say having technology skills will greatly increase their employment potential (6). The job market is constantly changing each year. Jobs are now more competitive and having a college degree seems to be a necessity for most which is why having a college degree at least shows that an individual is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and has worked hard to accomplish a specific goal. Having a college degree also gives more opportunity to apply for jobs of interest.

Larger Salary

A college degree also allows for the opportunity to earn a larger salary. Having a degree also gives a person more confidence when negotiating salaries. Knowing that a company cannot use the excuse of not having a degree against you is a great benefit. Even though the cost of a college education is outrageous, the benefits of having a degree far surpass those costs. Loans can be paid back but it is very difficult to make a substantial amount of money without a degree. This reminds me of a saying that I once heard though I cannot recall who said it. "If you think the price of education is expensive, try the price of ignorance. You pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life."- Anonymous

Respect and Admiration

Everyone would like something to show from the hard work they put into earning their degree. Aside from more job opportunities, better positions, and a higher salary would be the respect that seems to be given to those who hold a degree. The educational experience helps in this development by presenting students with many challenges, choices, and obstacles along the way. A college degree is a huge accomplishment and most companies know that intense work and dedication was put into earning that degree. Employers also know that college graduates are taught to express their thoughts clearly in speech and in writing and to make informed decisions. That is why most college graduates are viewed as professionals upon entering an organization.

Personal Aspects

The value of a college education also shows in the personal aspects of an individual's life. Some very important values are developed while attending college. Some of these values include maturity, individuality, work ethics, time-management skills, and a sense of personal accomplishment. Having these values instilled will help to mold the type of person you will be in your professional life and in your personal life with friends, family, and most importantly, with yourself.


I believe that a college education helps to develop maturity. Although this can really depend on the individual and at what point in their life they are attending college. I realize that I will need to work hard and prioritize in college in order to gain the most out of my time and the money invested. I have been in the business world for some time now and have realized that in order to move ahead I must obtain a degree. I understand why I am returning to get my degree and how it will improve the professional and personal aspects of my life.

Morals, Characteristics, and Goals

A college education helps us to become our own person and develop our own morals, characteristics, and goals. These are some of the most important values that will be gained. As we have learned throughout this class, it is very important to set goals. Goals are important to establish both in the professional and personal aspects of life. Establishing character helps to understand what type of person you want to be and what type of people you want to associate with on a personal and professional level. Developing good morals in college helps you to choose between right and wrong as an adult. Having strong morals will help you to see if you are in a company that might have poor and unethical business practices and if that company is right for you or not. All of this contributes to character development.




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