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The Value Of A College Education

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The Value/Purpose of a College Education

Dear Waldo,

In reply to your letter, which I have just received, I would first like to wish you with the best of luck in your upcoming highschool graduation. As graduation is nearing have you given any thought to your future? From your pictures and previous letters, I know that you and your family don't have much money,I understand tour concern over the cost of college. Speaking from expierence, I know that a quality education doesn't mean it has to cost a fortune.

There are many choices in colleges, for someone in your situation you may want to go to a land grant college or university. A land grant means that these schools set aside land for the creation and use of universities. It also creates a fair opportunity for all to receive a higher education (Penn State's Promise and Responsibility). The only problem is; that there is only one land grant university in Alaska, the University of Alaska. This may be something for you to think about, considering state universities are normally less expensive than private ones. Better yet, if you attend this universtiy, you are still near home and your family, which I know is important to you.

One of my college teachers Ms. Harper said, "a college education cannot be measured in dollars and cents". She also continues to explain if you go to college and graduate an unchanged person, you simply wasted your time and money. I agree not only with her, but with many others who say that going to college is a wise decision. I mean it isn't all about dollars and cents, in terms of going to college. Look at the bigger picture, the days after college graduation. Something important to me is the dollar signs when you graduate with your degree. On average those who graduate from college "earn about 1.2 million dollars more in their lifetime" then ones who only hold a highschool diploma (MacDowell).

Not only will a college education help bring your lifestyle to a higher standard, it will also make you a better human being. Ms. Brown a writer for the Denver Post quotes Granda Marilyn in saying, "college broadens your whole spectrum and helps you develop a love of expeirences, adventure and travel." Imagine having children. Don't you want the best for them? If you answered yes, then going to college would be a very sensible decision. "Those who graduate from college have a greater impact on their children.



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