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Importance Of A College Education

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Importance of a College Education

College is a scary word to both students and parents. Students are plagued with worries such as is college the right place for me and what do I want to do with the rest of my life. Parents' chief concern is finances. It is common knowledge that a college education is not at all cheap. The thing is; a college education is not for everyone. For some who know what sort of career they want, a trade school or art school would be a better place. Also, there is no need for students to start right away. Perhaps, waiting a year to decide what one would like to do with the rest of their life is a better alternative.

It is my well thought out belief that college is not for everyone, nor should any one person be forced to receive a college education. No one can force another to be interested in college. If one is forced into college, then it is quite possible that they will fail out. It is impossible to feign enough interest into an otherwise uninteresting endeavor to succeed. This has been true in many of real life cases. Science has never sparked any interest to me. Thus, I did poorly in high school science courses. Since one only needs three high school science credits to graduate, I automatically took advantage of this and did not take a fourth science. Had I been forced to, I most likely would have done poorly. Therefore, it is not fair to be forced into something such as college. If one wishes to become a cosmetologist, then they should attend a beauty institute as opposed to college. If one wishes to become a welder or mechanic, then perhaps a trade school would be the better choice.

There are good reasons for a college education, though. Many businesses prefer college education. Also, if one wishes to become a teacher or a doctor, then college is the place for them. Some people learn better in a classroom atmosphere, with a lecture styled teaching method. Although, college is expensive, it could pay off in the long run. My belief on college education is that they are important, but only if it is the path one wishes to follow.

Out of the three articles we read, I only agree with one. The one I agree with is "What's College Really Worth". The author makes many valid points that I mentioned in my belief on college education. I agree that birth does not automatically mean that one should attend college. The author makes it a point that once one graduates, it does not mean that a job is waiting for them. Some make it seem that a C average at a less than all right college is better than no college education. The only thing that I do not agree with is how the author says, "When did parents become the providers for adult children?" Many first year students have no credit history, therefore, cannot be approved for a loan. I am not saying that parents should carry all the financial burden, but they should at least help get their college bound student started. The author seems to have the same beliefs that I do.

I disagree with the article titled, "Are Liberal Arts Dead?" The author seems very biased. The message I got from her



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