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Us Hr V. China Hr Starbucks

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Essay Preview: Us Hr V. China Hr Starbucks

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1. Executive Summary

Many people already know the name Starbucks is synonymous with international business and global economics. It has some one of the best track record of any multinational business in the world and has entered some of the hardest markets as well; and survived in them. This company has had numerous studies' conducted on its success and detailing their international acclaim, it is almost a positive that little information has been gathered about the IHR structure and rules that are use when establishing stores outside of the US. This analysis will focus on some of the human resource issue that Starbucks has encountered while maintaining their global position as one of the world most powerful companies.

The analysis will compare and contrast the HR operations of the US with that of China. This will include a focus on strengths and weaknesses of both countries that have developed during the transition. Being a global company Starbucks is said to be about passion for a quality product, excellent customer service, and people. With nearly 3000 coffeehouses in 37 countries, it is clear that their passion transcends language and culture. Although this is true there is still little information regarding how their HR department has been effected by these global issues.

2. Project Aims

In today's economy it is evident today that globalization has effective almost every facet of the way businesses are run and the way customers view companies, this is also true of Human Resource management and International Human Resource management. Since the 1960's business markets have changed and we now know that businesses that used to operate in a monolithic culture and environment now find that their markets, suppliers, and customers come from all over the globe. It is also evident that if a company is global them their employee may also be of a global background and the first line of assistance is the Human resources department. The aim of this report is to compare domestic Human Resources with that of International Human Resources buy focusing on a company that is know both domestically and internationally for its people and product. I this report the following will be discussed:

I. Starbucks HR (US)

a. Staffing

b. Rules and Regulation

c. Ethical Standards

II. Starbucks IHR (China)

a. Staffing

b. Rules and Regulations

c. International Ethics

III. Comparative Analysis

a. US v. China

IV. Obstacles of International HR management

a. Chinese cultural issues

b. Ethical Decisions of Starbucks




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