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Understanding People in Organization

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Essay Preview: Understanding People in Organization

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Customer perception: the bidding case between IAI US and other scenario

Customer centric: What Moshey Did for Amy

Team spirit:

Team motivation and engagement:

Reward and recognition:


Q3 Leadership lessons that you get from Mr. Peres’s role and Moshey’s Role:

Mr. Peres :

After Moshey breaking a rule, by supporting IAF without providing any prior knowledge in doing so. Mr Peres took a harsh judgement of demoting Moshey he let his judgement cloud his discussion.

But after getting the deal with IAF due to selfless act from Moshey, he realized that he acted harshly with Moshey, and immediately re-instated him to his position back and even went to the extent of giving him a  better position. This shows that Mr. Peres was honest enough to admit that he was wrong/harsh in demoting Moshey, that kind of acceptance is needed in all the leaders, that is the ability to accept when one is wrong rather than placing ones ego above all.

Mr. Moshey

He was quick in judging IAF when they rejected their IAI offer, even though they placed their offer comparatively cheaper than their counterparts. That could have been a little quick in judgement(negative attitude with IAF), which we got to know later in the case when he was assigned to a issue at IAF (the bird hitting the engine), he realized the horrible working conditions at IAF and was sympathetic towards them.

Which shows that he is mixing his emotions with work which might not be suitable.

After meeting his alma mater Amy, she made an unusual request of repairing the aircraft at their base instead of standard procedure. Which was perceived as unusual by Moshi, and moshi being sympathetic he let his emotions into his work and convinced his fellow engineers to go ahead with him, (he was showing customer centric behavior)



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