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"How Has Organized Labor Benefited The People Of The Usa

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Essay Preview: "How Has Organized Labor Benefited The People Of The Usa

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Elbert Hubbard, an American writer and philosopher states, "Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal." Throughout my high school career, my life has been centered on getting into the perfect college, so that I could get my perfect dream job and be successful and eventually make my family proud. College is the only option that I have to be successful in today's changing and competitive global society. An undergraduate education will enable me to move myself and my family from our present circumstances to a better place.

As a single parent, my mother did her best to see that life was prosperous and always instilled in me the value of an education, as in her eyes it is the most important key to success. She often told me that her college education, along with her faith, is the only reason that she was able to prosper despite difficulties as she was the only one of her nine siblings to attend college. Attaining a higher level of education would be the most rewarding asset to my life. It would afford me not only a stable and better paying job but it will pave the road to personal fulfillment in becoming an investment banker, and later, an attorney.

I believe it is my responsibility to pave my own path to success, by surviving all the possible odds. If one is molded and sculpted by the tools of education, success will be accomplished. Outside of school, I was involved in extracurricular activities that would enhance my resume for college admissions. My proudest accomplishment is being inducted into the National Honor Society. Since my induction into this organization, I have held a few positions of leadership. My positions in this prestigious group kept me grounded and prepared me for the college environment.

Ultimately, I intend on being a successful, well-rounded individual and make my mother proud of my achievements.



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