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Uber Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis for UBER


Brand equity:  Uber is a globally recognized brand that is represented in more than 50 countries around the world. Uber already surpasses car giants such as General Motors, Ford and Honda with brand value parameters. It is expected that Uber will grow rapidly over the next few years due to widespread use of the Internet and technological advances. It's now worth over $ 68 billion. Uber also attracts investors for high brand ratings.

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Low fixed investment:  Uber aggregator does not require a lot of investment, Uber makes it easy to add cities to the network. As investment in fixed assets and infrastructures are not required, they are growing rapidly.

Intensity on customer satisfaction: Uber always has customer satisfaction in the foreground. I understand that Uber operates in a fully customer-focused market, where competition is worsening. In order to outperform competition, customer satisfaction and user experience must be improved. A recent survey comparing about and Uber and Ola's customer satisfaction in India shows that Uber offers much more prospects. Over 65% of users chose Uber over Ola.

Adaptive: Uber is also known for adapting very well to the business environment. Due to its international presence, Uber faces various problems in different regions. Uber is known as an intelligent marketer and wherever it has establish its businesses is very well suited.

Growth rate: The growth rate of Uber can be seen below currently the only Uber service available in Colombo is Uberx, which provides air-conditioned sedans. Uber operations in other countries offer a range of services including hatchbacks, auto-rickshaws, four-wheel drives, and higher-end luxury cars.

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Highly dependent on man power: The strengths of Uber can be a major weakness of the downfall. If for any reason or if you say that the feature has been misplaced, many stakeholders may end the platform. If it is endangered by the driver, Uber will definitely suffer greatly from the lack of service providers. In a way that satisfies the service provider with the platform, Uber, while allowing the driver to generate more revenue from passengers, can undoubtedly confuse the passengers.

Uber always have to walk tightrope between its front stakeholders.

Highly dependent on internet: The service that Uber offers as a company varies depending on the real-time rating and the Internet. Despite the lack of legal problems in demographics Uber cannot move in countries with bad internet connections.

Controversies: an article on business lessons from Uber rape case. Uber has been controversial in the past, mainly because of the driver and his behavior.  This affects the image of the company and a trust deficit is created in the minds of the customer which is difficult to cover up.

Easily Imitated: Tap Google and go for, ‘Similar App Development Uber’ or ‘Uber Clone business development’. Will easily see thousands and more results for developing an app like Uber.


High Investment Rate: Because Uber is highly praised in the market, he plays billions of dollars. The more you get to Upper, the easier it is to climb the other, and the investor will serve as your support. Due to its reputation, more investors were sued and attracted. Uber will therefore have more money available.



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