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To Kill A Mockingbird Verdict

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Is Tom Robinson guilty? Of course he is guilty. He is guilty just as every man on this planet is guilty for the sins they commit as individuals. But in this specified case against the lone Tom Robinson, of such a hideous crime as the rape of a woman, Tom Robinson is not guilty. He simply is not the type of disgraceful man who would commit such a hideous and inexplicable crime. He is man of family, honor and truth, exactly what humankind should aspire to be.

Tom Robinson is a man of family. With a wife and children to tend to on a everyday basis, he is a man who would not dot his, It would disgrace his family that he loves so much. It simply would not bring himself to bring pain to his family, to himself, and to the community.

Tom Robinson, who is also accused of assaulting Mayella Ewell. The text states that the bruising was over her left eye. This would have been highly improbable behavior from the accused Tom Robinson because in the story To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is clearly stated as having a disability where he suffers paralysis in his right arm. This would make it very near impossible to blacken her left eye as it is.. Bob Ewell, Mayella's father, is left-handed.

Also, in the story, Tom Robinson described the events to their most detailed extent, no loopholes to fall back upon if he were to be lying, this would make him a very capable liar. We know that only the wise can tell such lies, and no offense to Tom Robinson, but he is not that wise. This leaves us with the undeniable truth, He must be telling the truth.

On this day, Tom Robinson did not commit a crime. A crime was, however committed against him. He, like so many others were victims to people who took genuine kindness for weakness. They are the brutal criminals of this case, not Tom Robinson. He did nothing more than what he is capable of, he did the right thing. Unfortunately for him, the person he helped had horrible intentions the



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