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Movies Related To To Kill A Mockingbird

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1. A CIVIL ACTION (1998); with John Travolta and Robert Duvall, based on a true story regarding chemical violation of a community's water sources.

2. ERIN BROCKOVICH (1999) with Julia Roberts and Albert Finney, based on the same basic issue as A Civil Action, but with decidedly different conclusion!

3. THE ACCUSED (1988); with Jodie Foster & Kelly McGillis. True story of a Massachusetts gang-rape case and follow-up case. Issues regarding admission of evidence, criminal prosecutions, victim's rights.

4. THE VERDICT (1982); with Paul Newman, James Mason and Charlotte Rampling. Alcoholic lawyer takes on a malpractice case. Possible unethical actions by attorneys on both sides of the case!

5. ADAM'S RIB (1949); with Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn. Husband and wife lawyers, on opposing sides of the same case. Classic comedy with good discussions of several legal issues.

6. INHERIT THE WIND (1960); with Spencer Tracy & Fredric Marsh. Based on the famous Scopes "monkey trial," with a biology teacher on trial for daring to teach the theory of evolution. A classic trial!!

7. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1962); with Gregory Peck and Mary Badham. Small town Southern lawyer defends a black man accused of rape in pre-Civil Rights era. Attorney-client obligations, criminal trial issues. Somewhat outdated, but a classic nonetheless.

8. YOUNG MR. LINCOLN (1939); with Henry Fonda (haven't seen this one yet).

9. TWELVE ANGRY MEN (1957); with Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, E.G. Marshall & Jack Klugman. CLASSIC jury film; intense jury dispute; how a jury evaluates a case. This is the Original - there is a recent (1998 I think) version also with Keanu Reeves, but I don't know how it compares.

10. THE TRIAL (1963); with Orson Welles, Anthony Perkins, Jeanne Moreau and Romy Schneider. Man arrested for an unexplained crime he is never told about!

11. STATE'S ATTORNEY (1932); with John Barrymore (haven't seen this one yet).

12. SERGEANT RYKER (1968); with Lee Marvin, Vera Miles & Peter Graves. Court Martial of soldier accused of treason.

13. PERFECT WITNESS (1989); with Brian Dennehy, Aidan Quinn, Stockard Channing & Lara Harrington. Witness to mob murder put in jail for perjury - social responsibility issues.

14. THE PAPER CHASE (1973); with Timothy Bottoms, John Houseman and Lindsay Wagner. Law student's first year at Harvard Law School (mainly in contracts class).

15. L.A. LAW (1987); with Harry Hamlin, Susan Dey, Corbin Bernsen. Introduced the TV series of the same name.

16. KRAMER VS. KRAMER (1979); with Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Divorce and child custody issues.

17. JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961); with Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Maximilian Schell, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich and Judy Garland! Nazi war crimes trial.




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