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To Kill A Mockingbird. (In A Flash)

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Essay Preview: To Kill A Mockingbird. (In A Flash)

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The basic time setting is in the South during the early twentieth century (1930s). Due to the Great Depression,poverty is a subject that affects many. Instead of using this as a binding

theme, the people in the town use it as an element of separation. Prejudice of every sort runs rampant throughout the town, and even though things are simply "not fair", the time frame has to be remembered. Many stories have already occurred before the course of the novel begins. The reader learns of Boo Radley, who appears to be the "town freak". Not much is really known of him, just hearsay stories that people whisper to one another and to their children to warn them of the evils that may occur (this is due to their fear of the unknown). One story that is told is regarding an incident with Radley's father, who is supposedly stabbed with a pair of scissors, while Boo is under the influence of the "wrong group of friends". Mrs. Dubose is a story within herself. Introduced as an annoying old lady, who always screams insulting remarks at the children, she seems like the typical crotchety elderly woman. One day, Jem gets so fed up that he destroys every flower in her garden. As a punishment he is required, by his father to read to Mrs. Dubose everyday.

Atticus is another prominent character throughout the novel. As a

single parent, he faces the world, raising his two children with his maid,

Calpurnia, (who experiences better conditions and responsibilities than other

African Americans of her time, due to Atticus' beliefs). He has a reputation

for being an open-minded, fair man, overflowing with integrity. It is also

learned that he is self-educated, and tries to indoctrinate his children to

love education and literature as much as he does. The relationship he holds

with his children should also be noted. Even though he is incredibly busy

Atticus always seems to find time for Scout and Jem. He comforts them in their time of need, compromises, but always puts them back in their place, if they get out of hand.

Tom Robinson, the accused, has a reputation within his own black community as

an upright, honest, church-going family man. The Ewells, as a contrast to

Robinson, aren't exactly noted for being model citizens. Bob Ewell, the

father, has a reputation for being the town drunk, allowing his children to

miss out on valuable education.

The major event that has started to unravel, prior to the novel is the case

between Tom Robinson and the Ewells. Robinson, who was a hired hand, is

accused of raping Ewell's daughter, Mayella. The case falls into Atticus'

lap, not because he believes that Robinson is innocent, but because it is his

job to prove the latter so.


Maycomb County, in the south, 1930s


Jean Louise Finch (Scout) -Scout is the main protagonist of the novel. The story takes place during her years of growing up and maturing. As it begins, she is six years old. She is the daughter of Atticus Finch. She is very curious about various topics; school, her frightning neighbor, Boo Radley, and all the strange people living in the town. She does not want to act like a "lady", she will much rather run around and play all day in overalls, and jeans, than sit and do nothing in a dress. She loves to sit on her father's lap and have him read stories to her. She really loves to read, and gets very upset when her teacher tells her to stop reading since she is so far ahead of her classmates.

Jeremy Finch (Jem) - Jem is Scout's older brother. He is 10 as the story begins, and 13 at its end.He is very wise for his age, and also very emotional. He takes after his father Atticus a lot.He is more easy-going and not as adventurous as Scout.

Atticus Finch - Atticus is the town's most respected lawyer. He is not wealthy, but he is well off in the community and kind towards everyone. He has been assigned a case of defending a black man accused of rape. Now he is both revered and reviled by the townspeople. After all, they do live in the south in the early 1930's. Atticus gives a lot of advice to his kids. He tells them that they cannot judge people until they "climb into their skin and walk around in it".

Arthur (Boo) Radley- Boo Radley is a recluse who lives near to the Finches. He is the subject of various rumors that he is a ghost, or a murderer. All of the kids in Maycomb are afraid of him. He is just very shy and he does not wish to interact with the townspeople.

Calpurnia - Calpurnia is the black maid and cook of the Finch household. She acts like a mother figure towards Scout, as in the scene where Scout unknowingly insults a poor neighbor boy, and Calpurnia teaches her how to behave. She takes the children to her black church to sing and pray with them since all of the black townspeople like them because Atticus is defending Tom.

Tom Robinson - Tom is the black man who was accused of rape by Mayella Ewell. He is a young man who works around the town doing labor. He was hired by Mayella to do chores for her. He is strong and a hard worker, even though his left arm is shriveled and useless. He is innocent of the crime, but because he is black, he is considered guilty by the townspeople.

Mayella Ewell - Mayella is the daughter of Bob Ewell. She is a teenager, who is very spiteful and emotional. No one has ever liked her, and when Tom tries to be nice to her, she accuses him of rape. She lives at the end of town in squalor with her father and other brothers and sisters.

Bob Ewell - Bob is the head of the least respected and most hated family in the town. They live like animals and are always dirty and illiterate. They are not included in any part of the town, as they are considered too low and animal-like to go with whites, and they are white, so they can't go with the blacks. The Ewell children only go to school on the first



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