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Thhe Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution had an immense effect on the entire world. Though industrialization did bring some negative consequences the end result was very positive. Three of the biggest impacts of the Industrial Revolution were the new inventions, factories, and jobs it made, the improvements in transportation and agriculture, and the legal reforms that were made.

Many new inventions, factories, and jobs came out of the Industrial Revolution. One important invention was the water frame, which used the power from the water in the streams to power the spinning wheels. The spinning mule made thread that was more consistent, finer, and stronger than the early spinning machines. The cotton gin was one of the most important inventions that came from the Industrial Revolution. The cotton gin was much easier than picking the seeds out of the cotton by hand. The power loom and these machines aided the creation factories. When more factories were made more jobs were created as well.

Agriculture and transportation around the world also underwent great changes and improvements. The crop rotation technique was improved upon during the industrial revolution. Crop rotation was when the farmer would plant something that took nutrients out of the soil one year and the next year they would plant something that would put nutrients back into the soil. The cotton gin, invented by Eli Whitney, was one of the most important inventions that helped improve the agriculture industry. This machine greatly increased the speed that the seeds could be separated from the cotton and as a result much more cotton could be produced and sold. Many railroads were built around the world. These railroads made the transportation on goods and people much faster than ever before.

During the Industrial Revolution several legal reforms were made. The first act passed was the Factory Act of 1833. This stated that anyone under nine years old could not be hired. It also said that anyone



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