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The Wave

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It is evident that not all young people are resilient when it comes to dealing with life's challenges, as it was displayed in the book 'The Wave' written by Morton Rhue. There were a majority of students who were not resilient with the wave and the challenges that emerged from it, such as Amy, Robert and David. The student that was surprisingly resilient was Laurie, who was also the main character of the story. Laurie was mentally and also physically strong at dealing with the consequences that upshot from the wave Such as the isolation from the entire school and her best friend, the break-up with her boyfriend and the discrimination and violence of being and as being an 'outsider'.

There were many reasons why students supported the wave and were not resilient and did not stand up to their individual rights. David was Laurie's boyfriend when the wave was introduced David valued The Wave as something good and recognized the possibility to use the positive effects for the football team. His motive was to hope that shifting the class spirit to the team will push and rise it up, will lead to the success it lacked before. He was so mentally absorbed he could not see he was being dragged into a cult. Robert was the class 'Loser', his motivation was s personal one. He wanted to be a member of The Wave, especially a good member. Joining the movement was rather important for him, because he wouldn't be the underdog any longer, by employing all his abilities he would be able to turn his role into a leading one. So joining the group gave him the chance to redefine himself. In former times he had given up, because it was out of his reach to compete with his older brother, who had been the quintessential model student and a big guy on the campus. The Wave offered a new way of life to him. The opinions and reactions of the other students were different too. They changed from being fascinated to being afraid of the newly



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