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The Threat from Communism and Rogue Regimes

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Essay Preview: The Threat from Communism and Rogue Regimes

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The threat from Communism and Rogue Regimes

  Since the communist manifesto came out, the spread of communism ideology is a total tragedy and disaster for whole human society. Today, every single rouge regimes have the influence from communism ideology. According to President Trump’ s address, China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and North Korea are all controlled or used to be controlled by communist Gov. And right now, those countries on the list are the threat of the whole human civilized society.

  I want to use Communist China (People’ s Republic Of China,Referred to as PRC ) as a rogue regimes to give an example. Since the PRC established, the communist party began to override above the whole country. From 1950 to 1970, at least one hundred million people died because of the political campaigns. After 21 century, the Chinese communist threat is not only threaten the Chinese mainland, But also threaten the democracy countries like Europe and North America.

  The Chinese Gov use lots of ways to spread the communism:

  1. They create the fake news and fake history to blame the democracy is useless and American Value is evil. Try to lure the naive teenagers hate their own government.
  2. They use the Chinese foreign students to provide the information and intelligence to Chinese embassy. Make the people live in the panic.
  3. Buy and lure the Gov officers, media to help China to publicize the great of communist and the achievement that the Chinese Gov has done.

  If we let this situation happens continuously, the democracy will die in darkness.So, we have to take action as soon as possible to avoid the commies change the kind people into Satan.

  1. Heavy sanctions on the rogue regimes. Limit the officers who come from a  rogue regimes to come to the US, detailed background check, do not allow the people who blamed the democracy and freedom and military background to come to the US. Freeze and check their property in the US. Research that country’ s company in the US; for the company who suspected to steal American’ s intellectual property, shut it down and fine.
  2. Support and establish more medias like Voice of America (VOA) to publicize the advantages and usefulness of the democracy and western culture to the people who suffer the tyranny.
  3. Help and support the people who live under the tyranny to overthrow the evil Gov, it is including economy support and necessary military support. CIA need to gathered the motion of the dictator, and focus on the promoting of democracy.
  4. Strengthen our military power to respond the military threat from rogue regimes. Strongly suggest solve North Korean problem before the end of 2018. Help our ally who are located near the rogue regimes like Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Help them make their military become stronger, and know the importance of the Proxy war.
  5. Set up the Memorial Day to let people to remember the people killed by the  rogue regimes, so that the people and our next generation will remember the history forever. And than they will know and understand the danger of rogue regimes and communism and avoid it happens again.

  Hopefully, my solutions could be useful to protect the US and the world democracy. And avoid the rogue regimes to threaten the world peace. If necessary, US probably have to back to the RED SCARE and McCarthyism period. But we do not want to see those history events happen again.



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