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The Sudden Rise And Fall Of Margot Macomber

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Essay Preview: The Sudden Rise And Fall Of Margot Macomber

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The Sudden Rise and Fall of Margot Macomber

Did Margot Macomber intentionally kill her husband? Well, is the grass green? Is the sky blue? Yes, and yes she did kill her husband intentionally. The only reason Margot wouldn’t have killed her husband intentionally was if he promised to leaver her or allowed her to divorce him. He wouldn’t do that, however, so she had to get away from him in some way. She had to be able to live the life she really wanted to live, and the only way she could do that was if Francis were dead. Margot killed Francis to be the free-wheeling harlot that everyone knew she really was.

Francis caged Margot’s “free” and “independent” soul. He didn’t like her having his money and sleeping with the other random men she met throughout her life. Right after Margot slept with Wilson and returned to her husband’s bed, he knew that she’d slept with Wilson. He even said to her, “You said if we made this trip that there would be none of that. You promised.” Of course, she had promised, but she broke that promise when their trip had been ruined after his episode with the lion. Margot slept with Wilson to liven up her own trip to Africa, not for anything or anyone else. She must’ve known that her husband would find out, but she followed through with the treacherous act, even though it wasn’t her smartest idea.

Margot thought she was making a good decision with choosing Wilson over Francis. To her dismay, however, happily ever after with Wilson didn’t happen in anyway. Wilson antagonized Margot in the end after Francis died. He said nasty things to her about how she went about killing Francis and things of the sort. “Why didn’t you poison him? That’s what they do in England,” and “вЂ?That’s a petty thing to do,’ he said in a toneless voice. вЂ?He would have left you too.вЂ™Ð²Ð‚Ñœ Just saying that could’ve been the



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