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The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx

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Essay Preview: The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx

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The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx

(The State as Alienation)

“Reason has always existed, but not always in rational form… as far as actual life is concerned, then the political state (even where it has not yet been consciously imbued with socialist demands) includes in all its modern forms all the demands of reason. But it does not stop at this. It assumes reason as universally realized. Hence it finds out that its ideal determination is always challenging its real preconditions.” - Karl Marx on Deutsch-Französische Fahrbucher

Change is inevitable. People will gain knowledge through rational observation as the world advanced to one piece, this piece consequently become a revolution on making a stabilized culture. Marx, an exemplar of coherent sociological studies became an icon on how to establish a political stature as a human become the center of progress.

18th century was just the beginning of the rise of technology, building a stable economics and enriching discovery. Many theories were formulated this time and one of the pioneered of sociology races on how to maintain territories. This depicts how humans were divided to a citizen and a bourgeois. His ideas become phenomenal on western countries which coincide with a supporter and opposition. This is an essential innovation since those times were vulnerable on making a core values on how politics, religion, state and the people intertwined together. The ‘modern state’, as emancipate by Marx, promulgate the role of the people as the fundamental on the realization on the structure of the society. Though, contradiction arises on the point of view of Marx like the excerpt of Max Stirner. He emphasized individualistic premise but uses same terminological distinction as Marx. This is just an indication that Hegelian tradition can be trace either individualistic or socialist options on determined what rooted on this era. These opened the awareness of other sociologist to dissect and weight the importance of the classical discovery of Marx.



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